UFC on FX 7 Play-by-Play: Yuri Alcantara vs. Pedro Nobre

January 16, 2013
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Yuri Alcantara vs. Pedro Nobre

Round 1: Alcantara lands a hard kick to the body to start things off.  He presses forward and Nobre circles away.  Nobre lands an accidental front kick to the groin and Alcantara is given time to recover.  He does and the fight is restarted.  Nobre lands a right hand.  Alcantara answers with a counter.  The pace is furious.  Nobre goes for a single leg.  Alcantara applies a kimura.  Nobre fights out of it but it was bent all kinds of unnatural ways.  Nobre gives up his back and Alcantara mounts and lands punches.  He’s warned for punching to the back of the head.  The referee steps in due to the illegal strikes. The shots shown on replay were not to the back of the head, but ones before that could have been.  Nobre remains on the canvas moaning.  A doctor is brought in and Nobre stayed face down moaning.  The fight is stopped.  The replay of the sequence showed maybe one shot landed on the back of the head and it wasn’t a power shot by any means.  The fight is ruled a no contest.

The no contest came at 2:11 of the first round.  The crowd booed.  The replays played over and over.

UFC on FX 7 Live Results Home Page

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