UFC on FX 7 Play-by-Play: Edson Barboza vs. Lucas Martins

January 16, 2013
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Edson Barboza vs. Lucas Martins

Round 1: Barboza delivers an outside leg kick.  They exchange leg kicks.  Martins moves forward and gets hit with a right hand.  Barboza landed an accidental kick to the groin.  They both threw kicks at the same time.  Martins is given time to recover.  He sits against the cage.  He stands, bounces around and says he okay to continue.  The fight is restarted.  Barboza lands a right hand.  Martins moves in with a combination.  Barboza delivers a right hand counter.  Barboza moves in with a straight right.  Barboza has found his range. He lands another right hand.  Barboza lands a leg kick.  Martins goes on the offensive.  He gets aggressive and eats a left hand that drops him. Barboza swoops on him and finishes with strikes on the ground.  Martins taps out to strikes.

The end officially came at 2:38 of the first round.

UFC on FX 7 Live Results Home Page

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