UFC on FX 7 Face-off Gets Heated When Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping Go Nose-to-Nose

January 17, 2013
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Vitor Belfort vs Michael Bisping - UFC on FX 7It’s widely know that Vitor Belfort is a passionate fighter. It’s also widely known that Michael Bisping has a brash, in-your-face personality.

So should be no surprise that when the two squared off, nose-to-nose following Thursday’s UFC on FX 7 pre-fight press conference in Brazil, things got a little heated.

Word were said, fingers pointed, and the two had to be separated.

Check out the UFC on FX 7 face-off between Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping…

  • Danny

    Belfort will K.O. this goose

    • Ohio

      Maybe 10 years ago when Vitor was in his prime. Don’t think he has a chance now.

      • Danny

        Haha you really believe that??? Come on man Bisping hasn’t beaten a worthy opponent since……..hmmm not sure he ever has.

        • urdooomb

          Bisping was never a top dog in any weight class. Just some goose that makes arrogant comments and has a face that only a mother could love.

          Most people just hate on the guy for no good reason other than those two I just cited. But then, those are good reasons themselves I guess.

  • Lu-Cipha

    Didn’t see nose to nose

  • gary

    i hope belfort knocks him out like hendo did

  • This wasn’t that serious. And everybody always says Bisping is going to get KO’d; the guys only been stopped by Hendo. I very much like and respect Vitor but I want Bisping to win so he can get the respects he deserves and shut some people up. How can a guy win TUF and only have 4 losses in the UFC (3 decision and tough fights) and still have so many people talking about him like he’s accomplished nothing in the sport?

    • King_DG

      While I respect what Bispings done in the sport, his most notable win was against Brian Stann. The rest of his wins were from people that are not in the UFC anymore or couldn’t make it in the middleweight division and had to drop down to welterweight. He will definitely earn his title shot if he beats Vitor Belfort though.

      • It just doesn’t seem like there’s many guys left to go through for a title shot. I can’t think of anyone else for him to fight. No offense to any of the fighters.

        • King_DG

          maybe Chris Weidman? Tim Boetch?

          • I agree with both. Seems still lackluster. I don’t know if I’m expecting Superman or something but I don’t even think those ones give him #1 contendership. It could be a while lol. Lombard and Munoz I would like to see him fight those two for a true #1 shot. Yes I know what the rankings say. But this is just IMO. lol.

          • King do you follow me on facebook and twitter? If Not please do so. It would be an honor.

          • King_DG

            and Chael Sonnen says the middleweight division is the toughest division in the UFC. LOL

          • Kbroesq

            Tim Boetsch just lost to Phillipou, who was a late replacement fighter. I think he’s off the list now. I just want Bisping to win this fight because I’d rather see Silva fight someone new.

        • Tiddy28

          I’ve read all your responses on this article and I agree entirely with all your points. You know, people say this and that about Bisping and he hasn’t beaten anyone big. Get lost. The guy wins and wins convincingly. His losses were marginal and some of them should be wins, like the Sonnen fight. The guy’s paid his dues; it’s time people start respecting him.

          • PJ Brennan

            or some he should lose like Matt Hamill

          • Exactly man. Please follow me on Fbook and Twitter. Combat Science MMA. I love keeping in touch with smart fans like yourself. Plus I have new clothes coming out next week.

    • MMA

      I think it’s the fact that he has only one top ten win in his career, Brian Stann. And let’s not forget about the Hamill robbery.

      • mcdonalds

        and then he was robbed by sonnen. So it’s even.e

        • That Sonnen fight was awesome. I have always been a big fan of both guys but I had Bisping as the underdog b/c of Chaels incredible wrestling skills but Bisping really showed he can hang in their with an elite wrestler. Very close fight.

      • What two fights would you like to see him in to consider him top contender? I would say Weidman and Munoz maybe. That’s the best I can do, lol.

      • El Gvapo

        Hamill blah blah blah. Did bisping make the decision? Nope. People have used that against him for years and its garbage. How many bad decisions have we seen in mma history? Yet bisping is the only one who’s had it held against him.

    • bajafox

      Only reason I want Bisping to win is so that Anderson can knock him back down to reality.

      • lol … would not be surprised if that happened. And it would be a nice win for Anderson only b/c Bisping has only been stopped by Hendo once so to add another name of guys stopped would be nice.

  • Tiddy28

    Can’t wait to see Bisping destroy Belfort and get his rightfully deserved title fight!

  • MaritalArtist

    What the hell is that ******* doing touching Bisping’s face with his fist? I’m not sure that was a good move. I was going to root for Belfort, but because of that, I hope Bisping pounds Belfort out in the 4th. Go crazy Brit!!

    • kbroesq

      I think that totally turned me around too – what a d$*& move.

  • Jesse Malloy

    I really really want to see Bisping get his title shot

  • Steve

    I lost some respect for Vitor after watching that weigh in. I hope Bisping KO’s him just for the fact that he kept putting his fist ON Bisping’s chin. So disrespectful.

    • Watch again dude. Vitor’s hand was already there, Bisping walked into it and then slapped it away. Good plan by Bisping to get into Belfort’s head

  • Fan

    Bisping is a joke! He is not good at any aspect of mma the only thing he does exel at is his “foot work” lol! I mean running!!! I can give him a few props he did fight good against stann but he hasnt beat nobody else worth mentioning. Belfort is past his prime n will probally loose to the count lol but bisping is gonna make for a boring decesion n try n grind out a boring win cause he is to scared to stand with vitor for very long!!

  • Weids

    Vitor is a definite threat and Sir Michael better not be taking this one likely! However I feel a UD coming on for Bospong and a herindois KO coming from the Spider!!!

  • Este012985

    Haha how does someone like Bisping get respect from u guys and Vitor doesn’t?? Doesn’t make sense to me. The guy just almost beat the Light Heavyweigt champion with that arm bar and yet Bisping is gonna beat him. Bisping plan is the same plan he used against Sonnen but Vitor ain’t Sonnen…

  • Dude

    this is a horribly written article.

    • urdooomb

      like I’ve been saying…for MMA to grow as a sport, the people that cover MMA has to change. Right now the market is not big enough for ESPNs and Sportsillustrateds to invest. So we are left with guys that would have never made it as journalists write articles on MMA.

  • kbroesq

    I have no idea why, because I normally hate Bisping and I like Belfort (although I’m not obsessed with him like some people), but for some reason I’m cheering for Bisping in this fight. I think putting his hand on Bisping’s face was disrespectful enough once, but then when Bisping took it off, to do it again…I didn’t know Belfort was like that.

    • urdooomb

      Oh give Belfort a break. He is the last of the mohicans from the early zuffa days.

      He had gone thru ups and downs in his career, losing big fights in the UFC and in Pride. And was actually travelling thru local circuits before the UFC welcomed him back.

      As a fighter in his mid 30’s with time ticking he has to make money. And win or lose people will watch him again only if he puts on an entertaining show, both in and out of the cage.

      Yeah, if Tito had done the same I would have called him a douche bag for the reason that we are familiar with his doucheness. But Vitor carries himself pretty well. So I just see this as a show he put on to sell the fight.

      • El Gvapo

        So why don’t people afford bisping the same credit? His comments are just an attempt to sell the fight too.