UFC on FX 7 Belfort vs. Bisping Weigh-in Video

January 18, 2013
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Following Friday’s weigh-ins in Brazil, Saturday’s UFC on FX 7 middleweight main event between Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping is set.

With a victory, Bisping earns his long desired shot at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. For Belfort, the best that he can hope for at the moment is to play spoiler and start clawing his way back into contention.

Check out the UFC on FX 7: Belfort vs. Bisping weigh-in video, courtesy of UFC.com.


  • The two Brazillian octagon chicks have big kitties/camel toes. Yummy! Both better than Arianny and Bricknee put together…LOL I’m horney now, I’m gonna go visit my Brazillian girlfriend right now hahaha

  • MMAGearZone.com

    I have long been a major fan of Vitor. However, with regards to the TRT thing it is fairly obvious from this weigh in that he is taking the therapy. I havent seen him confirm or deny it anywhere yet but I know the physical look of someone on hormone therapy. And since Vitor has traditionally always had a slight bit of soft skin around his mid section and back area but now all the sudden his skin is tight and thin and the muscles are literally rippling, it is very obvious. I hope he has a Dr that keeps him under the legal limit so that he can continue to compete.

    • Wtf

      Dude he’s lost a lot of that fat cause he’s at MW now plus he does have Mike Dolce.