UFC on FX 6 TV Ratings Lowest of the Series on FX

December 18, 2012
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Friday night’s UFC on FX 6: Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson, which was broadcast live from Australia on FX, pulled in the lowest TV ratings of any UFC on FX branded event thus far.

UFC on FX 6 drew an average audience of 972,000 viewers, according to MMAWeekly.com industry sources.

The UFC’s live events on FX peeked with UFC on FX 2 at 1.4 million viewers earlier this year. UFC on FX 6 marks the first time the series has dipped below a million viewers on the Fox subsidiary.

The preliminary bouts aired on Fuel TV, drawing 96,000 viewers, which is well below the average of just under 125,000 viewers for preliminary bouts broadcasts supporting UFC on FX events.

The preliminary bout broadcasts on Fuel TV swing in a wide arc, however, hitting a low point of 44,000 for the early in the day UFC on FX 5 prelims from England, but notching a high point of 160,000 for UFC on FX 4.

UFC on FX 6 also served as the de facto finale for TUF: The Smashes, the international edition of The Ultimate Fighter reality series emanating from Australia.

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  • dan

    The UFC really needs to get rid of TUF. They keep 1/2 the guys anyway so why not just sign them outright. Then they need to limit PPVs and free shows. 12 PPvs and 8 (4 fox, 4 fx) free shows would be just fine. They could use fuel for replays. This should they wouldnt stretch these cards so thin and could make good replacements should someone get injured.

    • BAdams

      This is a good idea in theory. However, Dana has already shot down this approach. The fact is, the UFC employs too many fighters to scale back their events. They have some 200 fighters these days, and for most of them to make a decent living they need to fight 3 times a year. Do the math, that’s around 50 events (if they do 12 fights per card).


    The UFC seemed to ignore this event in favor of promoting Sat night’s card. I thought the Smashes Finale was a better card from top to bottom and was surprised to hear so little about it leading up to the event.

  • Steven

    Shame, they missed a great main card.

  • Too many fighters to keep up with.
    I don’t find the lowest 2 weights very interesting still 🙁
    Fox is full of adverts which ruins the whole event, I luckily live in Europe and don’t have the pleasure of watching an advert every 5minutes like American TV, until UFC on Fox.

    I watched 2 episodes of the Smashes and got bored very quickly, I watched a complete from Nelson/Carwin but once Carwin was out there wasn’t any reason to watch the event, I knew Nelson would flatten Minestrone and watching all these amateur Brit & Aussie’s did not interest me.

    I feel TUF is expanding too quickly and leaving people behind, whose idea was it to not broadcast TUF Brasil to the rest of the world? This was great when the Finale came around as i didn’t have a ******* clue who was who and just stopped watching.

    I can see India or China next and not broadcasting that, great ways to move into new areas of the market but say we don’t want you to the previous fans.

    Your problem is maintaining fans, you get some new fan boys on side but lose the older audience. This young fan boys will be off the band wagon in no time.

    I did say UFC was going down the toilet, you need the defibrillator to wake up the people in charge and focus.

    ps. snow doesn’t help with decision making

  • El Gvapo

    Of course it had low ratings. There was a lot of British and Australian names on there and it was the conclusion to a non-American TUF series. Whilst I’m sure there will be quite a few die hard American mma fans who watched the show, it probably didn’t irk the interest of the more casual fan, particularly as there was an American TUF series running at the same time. Like the guy above said, it was a great card with great fights. I’d be interested to know what time it was shown at in the US too, I wonder if that didn’t help.

  • BobLemons

    The whole seasons fights were a damn sight better than TUF16’s were.

  • Badams

    I had no idea this was even on! I spend a fair amount of time on this site and sherdog, and I don’t remember any ads featuring this event. Must of got buried by the TUF 16 finale. Too bad, I would’ve watched just to see Palhares vs Lombard, and Sotiropoulos vs Pearson.