UFC on FX 6 Play-by-Play: Benny Alloway vs. Manny Rodriguez

December 12, 2012
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Benny Alloway vs. Manny Rodriguez

Round 1: Rodriguez immediately moves in fro a takedown and gets the double leg.  Alloway works to the cage and uses it to stand.  Rodriguez stays on him and secures another takedown. He works inside Alloway’s half guard.  Rodriguez advances to side control.  Alloway rolls over and Rodriguez takes his back. He softens Alloway up with strikes as he looks for a rear naked choke.  Alloway works back to his feet.  Rodriguez still has his back and drags him to the canvas.  Alloway stands.  He presses Rodriguez against the cage.  He lands knees to the legs and punches to the body.  They separate.  Alloway lands an outside leg kick.  Alloway lands an accidental kick to the groin.  The referee gives Rodriguez time to recover.  The fight is restarted.  They both miss with big shots.  Alloway lands a front kick to the face that drops Rodriguez.  He pounces on him and finishes on the ground with strikes rendering Rodriguez unconscious.

The official time of the knockout was 4:57 of the first round.

UFC on FX 6 Live Results Home Page

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