UFC on FX 5 TV Ratings Lowest of Any Preliminary Bouts Broadcast on Fuel TV

October 9, 2012
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While the UFC on FX 5: Browne vs. Bigfoot TV ratings drew 1.1 million viewers and gave a much needed boost to The Ultimate Fighter, the Browne vs. Bigfoot preliminary bouts on Fuel TV drew much lower any past prelim broadcasts.

The UFC on FX 5 Prelims on Fuel TV drew an audience of just 44,000 on Friday. That’s the lowest mark for any such broadcast on the action sports network. The previous low was 86,000 for UFC on FX 3 in June.

Preliminary bouts on Fuel TV typically draw well over 100,000 viewers on Fuel TV, and have peaked as high as 165,000 viewers for the TUF Live Finale.

It remains to be seen if Friday’s numbers are just a blip on the radar, as Fuel TV executives have been extremely happy with the numbers the network has drawn since it became the cornerstone for UFC programming on Fox networks.

TV ratings have grown month after month since the UFC debuted on Fuel TV in January. This year’s third quarter ratings were the highest ever in network’s history.

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  • diazfan209

    don’t know why fuel tv costs extra for some people, it’s not hbo……..

  • somec0kehead

    The channel is most of the problem, imo. Spike was included with the regular cable package. Fuel/fx is extra money in my area. I don’t pay the extra money. Seems a lot are with me. I assume they know this though. Why people who have the channel don’t watch it, I don’t know. I get the feeling the UFC is losing its novelty. Injuries are an enormous problem. fugg ’em

  • MaritalArtist

    Uh, it’s friggin fuel tv. I can’t get it with Comcast. Or else I would have watched it

  • tkdlives

    yeah i couldn’t even find fuel tv for a while — it is extra with TWC part of the extended teir digital channels — Fuel/FX is definately the prob — I watched spike enough to see the promos to remind me of certain events upcoming — With fuel and FX i only tune in if there is a UFC event so i miss any media ads they run. Not to get on a soap box BUT — friday nights are rediculous — I’m sorry if you are 18-35 and home on Friday night @ 8pm. — somec0kehead is quite right there is so much UFC going on now that it doesn’t seem as urgent if you miss the live event — The lack of any real competition and uncontrolled growth has begun to produce stale, less meaningful fights — In the old days (not that i wish the UFC were still small and struggling) the fights meant more since there were fewer fighters — this also allowed for larger more edeared fan base for the fighters that were good enough to compete in the UFC — $.02 — (no cent marks on keyboards any more)