UFC on FX 5 Play-by-Play: Travis Browne vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva

October 3, 2012
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Travis Browne vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva

Round 1: Browne swinging with the big overhand right and spinning hook kick right out of the gate, although neither lands. Bigfoot lands a good counter punch, but seems content to hold the center of cage and wait to counter. Browne keeps showing various looks, however, trying to keep Bigfoot guessing. Browne steps in with a solid right hand, but then eats one from Bigfoot, who then drops for a takedown attempt. He settles for pressing Browne to the fence and stomping on his feet. Browne gets a warning for hooking his arm over the top of the cage. Browne shifts to a Thai clinch and lands a couple knees before they separate and return to the center of the Octagon. Browne steps in with a punch, but his knee buckles, showing some obvious signs of injury. The stability in his left knee is questionable at best. Bigfoot is now walking him down more, lands a huge right hand, then clinches Browne and takes him to the mat. Bigfoot follows with some punches to the downed Browne and gets the TKO stoppage. Browne has a hard time getting up and walking, his left knee completely unstable and in pain. Big win for Bigfoot.

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva def. Travis Browne by TKO (Strikes) at 3:27, R1

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