UFC on FX 4 Results: A Frustrated Gray Maynard Takes Split Decision Win

June 22, 2012
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It wasn’t quite the fight everyone expected.

Gray Maynard and Clay Guida were both coming off loses heading into the UFC on FX 4 main event in Atlantic City, N.J., on Friday.  They both wanted to remain contenders in the UFC lightweight division.  That is usually a recipe for an exciting match-up. It played out more like a dog chasing his tail for five rounds.

Guida bobbed, weaved, bounced, and used constant movement like only he can to keep Maynard guessing in the opening round.

Maynard stalked Guida in the second stanza, turning up the pressure.  He switched his stance to southpaw and began to cut off angles, but couldn’t corner Guida.

Maynard came out more aggressive in the third round.  Guida continued to bounce and move on the outside.  They both attempted takedowns in the round, to no avail.  Frustration began to show for Maynard.  He chased Guida, winging punches.  Through three rounds, Maynard was having difficulty finding his timing and range, or maybe it simply looked that way because Guida wasn’t engaging.

Maynard saw success in the fourth round.  He got to the clinch position and landed shots, but his frustration continued to mount.  Maynard put his hands down at one point, eating a punch in the process, taunting Guida with expletives.  Guida dropped down for a takedown and Maynard applied a guillotine choke, but Guida fended it off.

Heading into the final round, it was hard to say who was winning the fight.

The best exchange of the night came in the opening minutes of the last round.  Guida landed a high kick and a combination that briefly stunned Maynard.  Maynard immediately answered with a right hand and continued to press forward while Guida moved away.

At one point, referee Dan Miragliotta warned Guida for failing to engage.

At the end of the night, the judges scored the fight for Maynard by split decision.

Maynard’s frustration was evident in his post-fight interview.

“I thought Guida came to fight,” he commented. “I thought I won the fight, but I guess it was a split decision.”

When asked about dropping his hands in the fourth round and taunting Guida, Maynard said, “I wanted to start doing that in the first round, but he didn’t want to do it.  You know, let’s fight.  I wanted to be respectful, but that stuff got old.”

Maynard called for a bout with a top contender following the win.

“I want a top contender,” he said. “I want to fight (Frankie) Edgar.  I know New Jersey doesn’t want to hear that.  I think there should be a fourth fight.”

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  • pooby


  • kylesmith

    Thank GOD that two of the judges aren’t idiots. If this is the future of MMA, where guys like Guida and Condit can dance around like fairies and do everything possible to NOT fight, then I want no part of it. Props to Maynard for taking a stand and calling Guida out for that garbage.

    • RubeKegal

      This fight was nothing like Condit vs. Diaz. Condit won unanimously. The judges got it right that night and they got it right this one as well.

      • bajafox

        It was exactly like the Condit fight except his fight had probably had dumber judges than the guy who thought Guida won tonight.

        • RubeKegal

          Not even remotely close, to argue such is assinine.

  • RubeKegal

    That was the first time I looked like a moron at a pub as I screamed at the TV when Miragliotta FINALLY called a stall warning. Clay Guida didn’t fight tonight, that was epilepsy. The judge who scored it for Guida should be instantly fired.

  • Guida just lost a lot of his fans and hopefully they are now Gray Maynard fans. At least the crowd supported the REAL fighter towards the end of the fight. I hope Greg Jackson dies in a car crash in the near future because his bitch-like style of running away from the fight will kill MMA if it’s not at least penalized. How can anybody call themselves a fighter and do that. Thank God Maynard won!

  • GiovanniB

    HELL YEAH!!! LOL I hate to say it but focking Gay Guida deserved to lose. He’s a focking coward running like a chicken with no head for 5 rounds! What a moron! I hope he gets knocked out cold one of these days! He’s boring not exciting. I’m not a Gray fan but I was certainly happy he got the W. Now give Gray someone who will actually fight him, since Gay Guida didn’t really wanna do it until after the fight was over. Did you guys see how he started arguing with Gray when they were coming down the octagon? LOL go take a chill pill Guida so you can stop all the sorry a-ss shaking of yours! Motha focking punk!!! That’s all he can do jump around cuz he definitely doesn’t have the power to knock Gray out or the take down ability to take him down. Punk Gay Guida! I’m glad you lost idiot! Next time show up to fight – this is not a focking track race marathon beetch!!! Cut your hair too you look like Meisha Tate! LOL I’m so glad you lost punk!
    By the way Gay Guida you hit like a girl. Let me punch you once to show you how a one punch knock out is thrown! You’ll probably wake up with amnesia if I get a hold of you with one punch, but wait…I guess I might not be able to knock you out since you’ll be running like a beetch.
    Hey Gay Guida Maynard didn’t wanna rape you he just wanted to fight you beetch so why did you run so much as if your ass was gonna get it? LOL cuz you’re a punk coward Gay Guida! LOL Beetch!!! Now take the loss up the a-ss so you’ll learn to fight next time. I hope Dana cuts your jerky ass from the UFC you’re not exciting beetch!

    • MikeMc1983

      It’s a good thing Clay always checks all articles, and comments on this site or you would just seem like a guy trying to act like a badass through a keyboard…

      I especially liked the comments about him being a “focking punk” and a “beech.”
      That guys stepping in a cage and you don’t even have the guts to type a curse word on the Internet.
      Oh well, hopefully you have the bottle to blame.

      • GiovanniB

        Suck my deek mikemc1983. I’ll kick your a-ss anytime beetch! The reason I don’t write the focking curse word the way it should be it’s cuz it gets blocked by MMAweekly you Gay Guida’s c-ock sucker!!! You’re such a focking ignorant but then again what can you expect from a w-hore like you! Fock off before I make u my beetch punk a-ss motha focka!!! LOL And I don’t act like a bad a-ss I AM one fa-ggot!!! Now go back and suck Gay Guida’s nuts and lil cock LOL BEETCH!!!

        • rsnowbass

          Keep drinking…

        • rsnowbass

          Hello MMAweekly…my name GiovannB. I am Senior in HighScholl. I play fooootball. Run with Fooootball. I lift da wieght and lift da weight den I eat da food, eat da food. Den I do it again

          I love Affliction shirts that loooook like they were designed by Ed Hardy. They loook really cool. I am tough guy and Bad ass because my keyboard makes me so.

          I am one extremely insecure individual…

          • MikeMc1983

            And he said he was a “fa-ggot”

        • fsunoles09

          sounds like somebody has got his ass penetrated a bit much in his day.hah and the “your such a focking ignorant” line was hilarious you truely are a complete ass good job.

  • lycan

    The first time I’ve hears a crowd boo at guida lol he deserved it ! Lol but good fight I was really hopeing maynard would have gotten that gullotine ! I felt as mad as he was !

  • bajafox

    The best part was the stare down, after that it was pretty fkn boring

  • Bob

    One of the worse main events ever- right behind Condit for worse fight of the year!

    I wish the UFC would cut both Guida and Condit!

  • Bob

    UFC should do yellow & red cards like Pride used to!

    Greg Jackson is to blame for both the Guida & Condit game plan.

    Greg Jackson.
    “Okay guys heres the plan; run for your f*cking life- that guy wants to fight!” Greg Jackson.

    • GiovanniB

      Exactly! Focking Greg Jack-ass I’m tired of his stupid game plan. Always the same. So far the only one that has finished in spite of the dumbass game plan has been Jones Bones Jones. What a lame coach!

  • fightfankevin

    Ugh, i think i just lost 7 IQ points reading Giovanni’s comments.

  • rsnowbass

    Looked like Guida has been perfecting his Insanity and ThaiBo workouts… His movement was more amusing than the fight for sure.

  • The_Sheriff

    I’m curious to hear what Guida has to say about it. That wasn’t the same guy that fought Diego Sanchez.

  • KBEsq

    I was actually shocked when I heard Maynard won. As much as I HATED the way Guida fought, I thought he technically won. He out damaged Maynard by quite a bit.

    I was glad that Maynard got the victory, because I don’t think anyone should reward fighting like that, even if you technically out damage your opponent, but I must say I’m shocked that people think Maynard won that fight. He did almost nothing to Guida.

    I hope Guida learns a lesson from this fight. I’m not down with insulting awesome fighters like Guida and/or Condit for one bad performance, but I do hope these guys move away from the ‘game plan/point scoring’ mentality. These are fights.

    • RubeKegal

      I agree Guida actually landed a few more shots, but this is prob a case where octagon control came into play…In a 25 minute fight, Clay Guida came forward for NOT 10 seconds of the 25 minutes.

      The difference in the Condit/Diaz fight is Condit would get in and get out, Guida never really got in….I don’t know what the hell he was doing, but when you are about to engage, then hop back, then line up to engage and hop back and do that 6 times in a row without throwing a punch like Clay did, then that is simply not acceptable.

    • Bob

      Look at the fighters faces in the post fight press conference and go look at fight metric.

      Guida pulled a Condit in that fight.

      • RubeKegal

        There goes Bob crying about Condit again! 93% of Bob’s posts on here include Condit in some way. For example, his post on Kenny Florian’s retirement: “Sad to see Kenny go, he was a true warrior who Condit always came to fight. Condit”

        • Bob

          PubeKagel at it again with his verbal-diarrhea.

          Condit Condit Condit Condit Condit Condit Condit!

  • The Diaz/Condit fight was NOTHING like the track meet from last night. All Condit did was not allow himself to be trapped on the fence. That’s the way Diaz wins, he traps someone on the fence and pounds on him. Condit throughly out fought Diaz.
    To say I am disappointed in Guida is a gross understatement. That was the worst fight I ever saw and it was 100% on Guida.
    As for the juvenile comments of Gidontknowhowtocomment, it’s best to just ignore comments like that IMO.
    One last thing…. Ive Lavigne is just the worst.

  • Prodigy815

    Team Jackson should be in the olympics this summer.