UFC on FX 4: Gray Maynard Frustrated with Clay Guida, Still Happy with Win (Video)

Gray Maynard
Gray Maynard admits that he’s not a guy that lets his emotion shows much in fights, but that wasn’t the case on Friday when he was facing Clay Guida at UFC on FX 4.

Several times in the fight, Maynard taunted at Guida to engage more and event threw up an obscene gesture for good measure.

Following the fight, Maynard says that the emotion got the best of him and that’s not really who he is as a fighter.

Check out Gray Maynard’s comments after the fight where he talks Clay Guida, Guida’s strategy, his quest for the title, and why the crowd wasn’t really booing him but Wiz Khalifa:


  1. I guess Guida has been training with carlos condit.

  2. This Guida fight was worse than when he fought pettis. Used to be fun to watch like Condit and GSP. Things obviously change when your learning Jackson mma fighting system. I wonder how the Condit GSP fight will unfold when they are both running away from eachother.

  3. Glad you said something Gray. This nonsense with cowards like Guida and Condit has got to stop.

  4. If you think condit ran in that fight, you should watch it again without diaz’s balls in your face. Diaz fans are every bit as ignorant and annoying as him.

    • Watched that fight enough times to say that Carlos ran like a rabbit “Natural Born Killer”? My As*………..Obviously Guida has been training with him and using the same rabbit style. The only reason Guida didnt win is because the judges were a little better then the ones in Diaz vs Condit. Expect the same running style when Condit fights GSP

      • Watch it again without it being projected onto your boyfriends sack. Check the fight metrics too. All the facts point to condit winning. He clearly took diaz out of his element and frustrated him (which is usually diazs game plan). On top of that he broke the leg kick record for a single fight because diaz didn’t check anything. Condit also used superior foot work and cage awareness to not be cornered by diaz. Anybody who knows anything about mma (that isint a blind fanboy) knows condit won that fight. Diaz fans are every bit as ignorant and douchey as him.

        • It always cracks me up when people cant defend a point without the need to insult others. Superior foot work? What the hell does that mean? He ran and ran refused to engage just like Guida. I am sure that in your own mind you are an MMA Guru that knows and sees what no other man can. I think its time to wake up and get back to the real world!

          • Superior footwork and cage awareness means he did not let diaz trap him against the cage which was the down fall of several of diaz’s past opponants. Also, check the fight metrics and then realize condit outstruck diaz. You don’t have to be an mma guru to realize condit won, you just have not be blinded by your fanboyism (new word?). You ignore all the facts and then say I need to wake up and get back to the real world? Take your own advice because you must be as high as nick diaz. Your boy lost fair and square and cried and complained like a spoiled brat.

      • Condit has 28 wins with 26 finishes. Name ONE fighter with a higher finish percentage then that, with that many fights. If you can, it isint nick diaz, that’s for sure. 26 finishes with 13 ko and 13 sub yet you lame a$$ fan boys call him a runner. You are a joke.