UFC on FX 4: Clay Guida on His Performance ‘I Felt Good About It’ (Video)

Clay Guida
The crowd in Atlantic City didn’t agree, but Clay Guida was happy with his performance at UFC on FX 4 against Gray Maynard.

The always energetic Guida was heavily criticized for his evasive maneuvers throughout the 5 round bout with Maynard, but he maintains that he stuck to his strategy and that was the whole idea.

Guida believes that a little bit more movement and a few more shots landed and he would have won.

Check out the full post fight comments with Clay Guida below:


  1. I lost a ton of respect for Guida. This was Condit 2.0 but even worse. He should of known better. His popularity is going way down as did Condit’s. People come to see fights. Jackson is a garbage coach if he’s telling fighters to fight like this.

    • i agree, jackson can not coach. he’s lucky jones is so talent. jackson camp is the worst place to learn how to strike in mma.

      • If jackson sucks as a coach, why has his gym produced more champs than any other?

      • Also, cub swanson just had the performance of his career thanks to his coaching and game plan from greg.

  2. What am i missing here…how many times has Diaz been finished in his career?……why would Condit want to stand in front of Diaz and let him punch him in the face….Condit has one not so good fight and hes losing popularity…..really?…..

  3. REALLY? He thinks he needed to move more? He thinks he was moving IN and OUT?
    He was just moving out!!! Running, not fighting. If you’re gonna be a counter striker, you have to strike! Anderson Silva does it, but he actually hits people. Muhamed Ali used to do it, but he hit people at will. Guida didn’t come to fight, he came to avoid fighting. At least in the Condit vs Diaz fight (I say Diaz won), Condit had some significantly landed shots. The crazy thing is that Guida actually thinks he won, and so does some pathetic judge.

  4. sir, you have been put in the same class as finch and brenner. i will never pay to see you fight or in your case, dance and run.

  5. dascoli, you see when one person says something, a lot of puppets jump on board, particularly when Joe Rogan says something. Case in point, first Lyoto/Shogun fight, 3rd round Lyoto fires off 18 punch/kick combo while Shogun is covering up and throws one right hook and Rogan goes nuts over Shogun.

    The difference in the Condit/Diaz fight is Condit would get in and get out, Guida never really got in….I don’t know what the hell he was doing, but when you are about to engage, then hop back, then line up to engage and hop back and do that 6 times in a row without throwing a punch like Clay did, then that is simply not acceptable.

  6. This was about the worst possible matchup for Clay the LW division could offer. Go for broke or don’t go at all.

    That was horrible to watch, felt like I was watching a Thaiboe infomercial.

  7. I think Condit and Guida should have to fight and the winner gets to stay in the UFC- but only for under card fights!

    • They might as well hold that fight in a closed gym, no one would pay for it.

    • You are as dumb as nick diaz. Condit has 26 finishes out of 28 wins with 13 knock outs and 13 subs. That makes him the most well rounded fighter in the game. His finishing percentage is way higher then diaz, whose bag you clearly swing from.

  8. I think Guida’s downfall started when he became intent on being champion.

    This guy doesn’t need a title to have a great career. He needs to be the blue collar, regular guy type fighter. Someone who always fights his ass off and shows tons of heart, win or lose. He used to be that guy. Somewhere around the Gomi fight he switched.