UFC on FX 3 Gate and Attendance; Dana White Has No Plans for Quick Return to Florida

June 9, 2012
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UFC President Dana White

The UFC returned to Florida on Friday night for UFC on FX 3, featuring the flyweight rematch between Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall.

The fights delivered in spades, particularly the main card with several knockouts and a submission finish, but don’t call UFC president Dana White a fan of the turnout in the Sunshine State.

“I think it sucked,” said White. “It’s tough down here.”

The attendance for UFC on FX 3 was in line with the majority of the UFC’s past events in Florida, drawing an attendance of 6,635 and a gate of $329,110

“Everybody is great every time we come down here. We had tons of media,” White added, “(But) Florida has always been tough; it’s a tough market.”

It’s been so tough, that the UFC’s head honcho doesn’t sound like he wants to come back any time soon.

“I’m not saying we’ll never come back, but it’s gonna be a while.”

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  • MikeMc1983

    The UFC has no room to complain. They had a card with the headline fight at in jr. High school cheerleader weight division.
    If you make a fight where only members of dwarfism charities know the fighters, you’ll probably have a bad turnout. If the intestine removed from Brock lesnar weighs more than one of your fighters, the fight will probably have as many viewers as the surgery removing the intestine
    Dana should be thrilled anyone bought a ticket that wasn’t related to the fighters on the card.

    • phrankthetank

      Thy flyweights are entertaining as hell, don’t knock them.

    • mark-31

      You said it perfectly Mike. I actually bought a ticket just to see an event live and because I really wanted to see Erick Silva (future champion). That kid is such a beast. To see him run over Charlie like that…it was impressive. And you know what, my friend and I left before the main event midgets started fighting. That is a joke. I don’t know who likes to see guys that size fight. In ancient Rome, they’d have guys like that fight as a comedy spectacle.

      • phrankthetank

        That’s unfortunate, you missed a pretty good fight.

    • onehitwonder

      i have to agree that wasn’t a star studed card, cheaper tickets would help, and if it wasn’t for MMA WEEKLY i wouldn’t have even known the fights were down here. the UFC tv channels nor south fla news or radio said anything about the UFC comming down here. the UFC should be in better touch with the fans, their web site sucks and is informative. I STILL THINK THE MMA IS THE BEST SPORT OUT THERE BUT STILL ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT ON THE PROMO SIDE!!

  • phrankthetank

    All I know about the Florida market is from my experience with the Diaz-condit fight. I was staying at the airport and I was trying to find a place to watch the fights. I asked around and not a single person knew where I could watch them. I even had the manager of the hotel call around and he found no-where to watch the fight, so I ended up buying it on my tablet. It seems crazy to me, I live in Toronto and I can’t walk 3 blocks without finding a bar showing the fights.

    • Brian

      Were you staying at an over 55 community? I find it really hard to believe what your saying. UFC is all over the place here. It is shown at every sports bar here.

  • mark-31

    phank, the hotel manager doesn’t know what he’s doing because are tons of bars down here that show the PPV UFC fights. In South Florida that is. I actually know a few that are right near Ft. Lauderdale Airpot and Miami Airport.

    • phrankthetank

      Like I said I can only judge from that one experience, but I asked everyone, cleaners, store employees, people on the street, not a single person knew where to catch the fight.

    • fsunoles09

      same way in north florida bro if they came to jacksonville im sure they would have a better turn out.everytime a ppv is on damn near everybody i know is goin out to watch it

  • spidersilva

    I feel pretty much the same way about the lil guys, mostly fly and bantam. Some fights are still entertaining but there isnt the same ‘could end at any moment’ excitement that the higher weight classes have. I second the props for erick silva…very exciting fighter. Super fast and tonight showed great ground finish.

    PS once ur staying at their hotel the managers dont care anymore…..post on here next time and u’ll find a spot in under an hour real mma fans know wats up

    • mark-31

      Batam isn’t too bad at all. Wineland vs. Jorg tonight deserved fight of the night. They usually come to the ring weighing about 140-147lbs which isn’t that small. Pacman/Mayweather’s size.

  • Brian

    Dana needs to stop whinning. The economy sucks right now, and that most likely had more to do with attendence than anything else.

  • BlackDog2009

    I’m from Florida, Miami which like 40min away from Ft.Lauderdale… and although Mighty Mouse is great to watch, he’s a weak draw for a main event, especially considering his opponent who I’m not interested in at all and see no charisma at all. The card needed star power man, would it have killed them to put established guys like Rua, Evans, or hell even Ortiz’ last fight or something?

  • streetfightertoo

    next time disguise the event as a truck pull or a Larry the cable guy show and you got yourself a sellout!

  • BizzleZX10R

    MMA is huge in south Florida.. We have Camps down here out the ass. Me and everybody I know are huge MMA fans and always go to watch the fights at bars.

    The thing is, Dana had a contest called “Hometown Throwdown” and South Fla won with votes. So obviously we have a big MMA market down here. It’s Whites fault he put on a shit card. McCall vs Johnson was a good fight but not main event status. Look at the upcoming FX 4 card and come on.. They couldn’t of had that here instead?

  • kevstinx

    Oh i missed the card, lol.
    Had to look up the card to find out what i missed, not muching, thank god i did not tune in.

    I do not like shitty FX cards, mostly nobodies and poor main events.

    Its like the mid month void filler.

  • smill0313

    Mma is huge here in sw fl, especially the ufc. The main problem is that I didn’t even know this fight was in florida until like 3 days before the event. Also, try having a championship on the line and see how the gate turns out then. Granted the card delivered, but I’m not finding a sitter and driving to the opposite coast to see an instant rematch for a title shot. Why would I spend all that time and money when I can sit on my couch and WATCH IT FOR FREE? The avengers was awesome but I wouldn’t have gone and seen it if I could have watched it for free at home. Put a decent ppv card together with a championship on the line, then see what your gate numbers look like. I will be there.

  • stak

    Forget about the attendance, the refs were horrible. They were making up their own rules and not enforcing rules properly, it was ridiculous.

  • smill0313

    I wasn’t upset about not going to see this card in person till I realized I missed a shot at meeting chuck liddell and carlos condit.