UFC on FX 1 Video: Jorge Rivera Completely Satisfied with Retirement Decision

January 21, 2012
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Jorge Rivera talks about his decision to retire and his final fight against Eric Schafer.

Rivera discusses the fight and how he came to the decision to walk away from the sport, and his plans now that MMA is behind him.

Check out Jorge Rivera from the UFC on FX post fight press conference:

  • 155 n aouta ya weight class

    what a punk,, check my other post REAl talk,, WOW,go home,, yeah teach people how to quit? go learn something from randy,,a real all american,, wtf

    • alexcastro

      Wow you sir are an idiot, this guy did what many don’t know days and that’s leaving the sport on a win. This guy and Chris lytle are gonna go down as worriors that new when to call it quits. Not everybody is captain America, you wake up and do what this guy does for as long as he did then talk your shit don’t be an uneducated troll

  • From the weigh-in’s to his walk out and entering the cage, he looked about as relaxed as anyone I’ve ever seen.

    Glad to see him go out with a win. I’ve enjoyed watching him compete over the years, hope he has a ton of success in retirement.

  • georgetorres

    this man is a great fighter he always shows a warrior spirit,and he was a fighter,born withe natural ability’he fought the best and always performed to a a level’alot of fighters would want to acomplish what he did in his carrer but not everybody is born withe the same ability. i wish you the best conquistador.just fighting for the ufc speaks for itself.