UFC on FX 1 Video: Jim Miller Went into Instinct Mode After First Big Hit

January 21, 2012
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Jim Miller ended up getting a submission win in the first round over Melvin Guillard, too bad he doesn’t remember much of it.

Miller said after the fight that when Guillard connected with his first big shot that he doesn’t even remember what happened after that.

Instinct kicked in and he just kept going and it obviously worked out for him.

Check out what else Jim Miller had to say after his win at UFC on FX:

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    • Mario

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      • MikeMc1983

        Seems like that guys posting 5 times each comment. The only part I really understand Is he always ask to check his other post. It’s odd. Sad part is that I grew up ghetto in LA area and still can’t understand the crap.
        He needs to understand that everyone smiles and nods when he talks not because they find it cute, but for the same reason they smile and nod when the kid with the helmet on in the wheel chair talks.

  • thought main events are 5 rounds

    • MikeMc1983

      I’m not sure if anything happened here, but Dana had said there would be a few exceptions. Eachain event would be sceaduled to be 5 rds. However is people moved up on the card, or it was a late notice kind of thing. Kind of how Diaz vs. penn was only 3 rds. I’m not sure if this card had any changes, but. changes would explain it.