UFC on Fuel TV 9 Update: Alexander Gustafsson Cut Spells Demise of Main Event

March 31, 2013
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Alexander GustafssonInitial reports by Sweden’s SVT Sport and MMA news site MMANYTT.se said that a cut over Alexander Gustafsson’s eye put Saturday’s UFC on Fuel TV 9 match-up with Gegard Mousasi in jeopardy.

A follow-up report by MMANYTT.se, however, has all but assured that the fight will not happen.

Swedish MMA Federation president George Sallfeldt told MMANYTT.se that three doctors, one in person and two examining photos, have determined that the cut Gustafsson suffered in one of his final sparring sessions will take weeks to heal.

Sallfeldt added that, even if the cut were to heal by Friday, letting someone go into a fight “with heavy scar tissue would not be an option.”

“It is very difficult to see that this will be medically approved on Friday,” said Sallfeldt, adding that Gustafsson wanted to go ahead with the fight, but “this is a medical decision and not up to Alexander himself.”

The bigger question now is how does the UFC handle the situation?

Gustafsson is the hometown hero in Stockholm, where the fight was to have taken place, and the UFC on Fuel TV 9 fight card itself is lacking in other bouts that are generally considered headline worthy.

With less than a week to go until fight time, it could also prove difficult to find a replacement fighter that is prepared and has the necessary documents in place to travel to Sweden and keep Mousasi on the card.

UFC officials had still not commented on the situation at the time of the latest updates from the Swedish MMA Federation.

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  • Timothy Malone

    The main event will now be Dana White vs Randy Couture after Randy corners Ryan.

    • now thats a fight i’d like to see! my boy randy would toss him like a salad!!!! ha ha

  • dia

    just throw some tussin on it

  • Nimpo

    Scrap the whole thing. Nobody in Sweden wants to go anymore and people who bought tickets are desperately trying to sell them now. The worst card in history!

    • goleta83

      you’re an idiot

  • Mike Byrne

    This is a bummer for the fans of Sweden you run through the list of fighters in your head that can come in and be ready for a guy like moussasi in just a weeks time

    • SaySo

      The Moose is no joke….I doubt any of the puss monsters the UFC has on deck will take it.

  • Evan

    There are VERY few options for the UFC to salvage this main event. Maybe Phil Davis wouldn’t mind moving up his schedule a few weeks to get a higher profile fight.

  • If I was Jon jones I would take the fight

    • kbroesq

      He’s probably not “feeling” Mousasi on one week’s notice.

  • goleta83


  • Julian Moran

    He’s lucky. Mousasi would have destroyed him.

    • kbroesq

      Sure he would have…

  • Julian Moran

    Candidates, if they are in shape: Forrest Griffin, Brandon Vera. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Shogun can also step out of their fight to fight Mousasi.

  • Truth

    that sucks… throw in a Thiago Silva

  • mrtim30

    Its a rubbish card with no co main event but we sold it out anyway. Swedes wont complain but they just wont come back. The card sold out on the strength of this fight. After it sold out UFC filled it out with less than average fighters and now they are paying for that decision. Hopefully they can get someone decent. Its now a really weak show with no main event. Way to treat the Swedish fans.

    • kbroesq

      It’s a Fuel event. Just so you know, the Fuel events are reserved for the lowest caliber of fights. It’s the UFC’s fault that a guy got a cut? The UFC cannot fill EVERY card with amazing fights to the point where even if the main event falls off they can still go off without a hitch. This is especially true for Fuel events.

      • Mrtim39

        I know it’s a fuel card but at the same time the box office in Stockholm is larger than most Vegas events. They really needed a co main incase something like this happened. We can accept the lower level fighters if they have a couple of decent main fights. I don’t blame the UFC for the injury as its beyond their control but not having a co main is not ok.

        • adam1848

          I agree 100%. This is not the first time this has happened. One of these days they need to realize they can not get away anymore with one decent fight on any card. Fuel or not, a decent co main event is mandatory considering the nature of the sport.

      • Julian Moran

        The ufc should have had a back up plan, just in case.

  • BobLemons

    I thought the UFC would’ve learned from Jones vs Hendo that you need more than one big fight on a card. Europe always gets poor events because there’s no PPV dollars.

  • solo

    I just wanna see some fights. There havent been UFC event almost 3 weeks now! Whoever steps in, fine by me.

  • kbroesq

    Totally hilarious to read your comment, and at the time I came to this site to read this story, the comment above your comment says “This comment is awaiting moderation”

    What’s the point of moderation if you allow someone to arbitrarily ask if someone’s sister does anal?

  • Leoipanema

    Wnderlei Silva vs Mousasi now!!!

  • rub some dirt on it gustafsson lol. too bad though, i was looking forward to his fight!