UFC on Fuel TV 9 Results: Ross Pearson’s Patience Pays of with TKO Stoppage of Ryan Couture

April 6, 2013
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Pearson vs Assuncao UFC 141Trying to fight his way out of his father’s Hall of Fame sized shadow, Ryan Couture gave a good accounting of himself at UFC on Fuel TV 9 in Stockholm on Saturday, but couldn’t overcome the experience or the striking of Ross Pearson.

Couture employed a sound strategy, shooting on Pearson and pressing him to the fence, trying to stay in tight so as not to give the Brit any room to unleash the power in his punches, all the while working in knees and short punches.

He kept Pearson off track for the opening round, not allowing him to find a rhythm.

Pearson started strong in the second stanza, quickly getting Couture’s attention with a succession of right hands. But Couture fell back on his game plan, again pressing Pearson into the fence, short-circuiting his striking game.

Couture landed a solid punch-kick combination as he released Pearson from the fence, but Pearson took advantage of his time away from the fence. Couture launched a kick, and Pearson caught it, dumping Couture onto the mat.

Pearson followed, landing a few punches to his downed opponent. Couture quickly returned to his feet, but Pearson just as quickly Landed a stunning left hook followed by several combinations that sent Couture back to the floor. Pearson swarmed, finishing the fight with a flurry of punches for the TKO stoppage.

It was a strong performance by Pearson, who showed maturity in his fighting that hasn’t been as evident in some of his past performances.

“It was just that patience, timing, letting the fight develop,” Pearson said of his approach to Couture’s stifling tactics. “This is timing, just trying to find my range.”

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