UFC on Fuel TV 8 Results: Yushin Okami Takes Split Decision Over Hector Lombard

March 2, 2013
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Yushin Okami vs Alan Belcher UFC 155Yushin Okami and Hector Lombard were both looking to their UFC on Fuel TV 8 bout in Japan to set up 2013 for a run towards title contention.

It was clear from the opening bell what each man’s game plan was for this fight. Lombard walked Okami down, looking to land the knockout punch, while Okami shot on Lombard, wanting to keep him on the mat.

It was Okami’s tack that bore fruit, however.

Lombard was aggressive from the opening bell, walking Okami down, looking for an opening for his knockout power. Okami did a good job avoiding danger, using his jab to keep Lombard at bay, and set up his takedowns.

Okami put Lombard on his back often in the first two rounds, not doing a lot of damage once he did, but doing enough with his ground and pound to keep Lombard on the defensive.

Lombard knew he had to go for broke in round three and he did. He immediately stormed Okami, swinging for the fences. Lombard hurt the Japanese fighter, dropping him briefly to the mat, and staying on top of him, unrelenting with his combinations, but couldn’t find the opening he needed.

Lombard sprawled a couple of Okami takedowns in the final round, but instead of forcing Okami to stand and trade, he pushed Okami to his back and got caught up in a ground game that saw Okami able to do enough to slow Lombard down and avoid a fight-finishing attack.

It was a close fight, but in the end, two out of the three judges scored the bout in Okami’s favor, awarding him a split decision victory.

Okami has now won three consecutive fights after failing to wrest the UFC middleweight title from Anderson Silva and then losing to Tim Boetsch. He’s working his way back into “the mix,” while Hector Lombard is left to go back to the drawing board, hoping that he doesn’t become the latest high profile fighter to be released from his contract.

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  • john

    Okami is a piece of trash.. he is much closer to be released than Lombard.. useless ground n pound..useless striker.. really a boring fighter..

    • Lawdog1521

      No worse than GSP.

      • Lucas Freire

        It has to be some kind of joke. lol

    • Cereal Killer

      Calling him “trash” is kinda rough, but I must admit tha I don’t get excited to see him fight.
      Why can Hector beat anyone that is ranked???

  • tioi

    poor lombard he keeps getting f*****

  • Man is anyone going to actually beat Hector cause that decision was a rip off. Hector moved forward and Okami used his strength in going for the single but did no damage on top. This mans incredible record has been tarnished twice now b/c of these judges.

    • John Bunch

      I’m glad to see someone I respect on these boards say that because I really thought the same thing. But it was late, and I’d tossed a few back with my wife, so I sometimes see what I want to see at 12-1 am in the morning. He completely dominated round 3, and I really thought 1 went to him also…2 I saw going to Okami, just because Lombard looked like he was waiting to catch a second wind.

      • lol sounds like you enjoyed the fights my friend. I don’t know what’s next for Lombard. I mean he has this grudge with Mark Munoz and Michael Bisping but other then that after these two losses from Tim B and Okami I don’t know what makes sense. I still love the guy though incredible fighter.

    • George Sperry

      Lombard won the last round. That’s it. You can’t win a 3 round fight judged on round scoring by winning one round unless you win 10-8 and then it is simply a tie.

      • Okami did a good job but I just think Hector moving forward should have meant so much more. Okami did very little on it. People always talk about lay n prey well for the first time I will say it. I think Okami did exactly that and I liked the guy up until this performance. And this is coming from a guy who stands up for Carlos Condit and GSP when people say Condit runs and GSP lays n prey. So I have nothing against Okami personally. Until now he was a pretty cool fighter.

        • dudu

          if you think moving forward impresses the judges then you really have no idea how mma is scored (weird you just mentioned condit). And if you liked okami until this point well.. you have never watched him fight. I hate his style and I was rooting for lombard but he won this fight 29-28 simple as that. Ow and if you think okami and gsp can be compared you know nothing

          • I don’t know what to say considering you didn’t state one fact and only your judgement and opinion. But ok.

          • duduthetrollingass

            What do facts have to do with me pointing out your statement is $tupid beyond reason? but I did refer to the condit/diaz fight to enlighten you on the fact that moving forward means nothing to the judges. But here are an other few facts: you state personal opinions like a 3y old, the ufc is filled with boring lay n prAAAy (not prey $tupid) that abuse the scoring system which favors wrestlers. and last you don’t stand up for no one, you stay on your ass and write $hit

          • Well you see in a mutual civil conversation I wouldn’t mind hearing your opinion. I love talking to all the fans on this site. It’s my favorite 😉 But your coming at me, attacking me for some reason and doing a poor job at up holding a debate. I’m not hear to insult anyone so I don’t know why your insulting me but its okay, enjoy the fights. And as for the term “lay n pray/prey” check this out. .. (I am not a fan of sherdog for the record) http://forums.sherdog.com/forums/f44/lay-pray-prey-528476/

          • John Bunch

            Everyone’s entitled to his opinion, obviously, and he can choose any manner in which to express it. But coming at CombatScience like this is immature imo. The dude adds nothing but class to these forums, when we have so many people using personal attacks as their only method of disagreeing with people. I’ll admit, I’m prone to that line of communication when I see a really stupid post, but I have never seen Combat do this. Maybe you are new here, in which case, welcome.

          • duduthetrollingass

            dude no one would take time to write something that g@y you must this no life’s 2nd account

          • John Bunch

            Yes…my real name is Tyler Durden…I’m actually his 2nd personality…

          • Hey thanks buddy I really appreciate that. If you have Fbook add me and send me a message.

  • Shouldn’t that have been tact? What an uneducated writer. So his tiny nail bore fruit? What a lame bunch of journalism that is employed here. I believe that I will have to step out of my usual practice and start writing for an mma website because these bums are shaming the sport with this drivel. The serious crime is that these uneducated people are helping to create the official UFC rankings. I wonder why they are laughed at by so many fans that know the fight game?

    • Perturbed

      I get on here all the time and read the ramblings of young fight fans, but “Swift Hammer” calling the author uneducated finally made me want to post.

      “Tack” was correct. It’s a navigational term, figuratively employed here. Also, “Hammer”, you should have used a semicolon between “here” and “I” in sentence three – not a comma (which is incorrect EVERY time). Finally, your last statement in your drivel was not a question, but rather your declarative statement of “wonder.” No question mark needed.

      Now, Hammer Pants, shut the f*** up and talk about fights, because you are not qualified to judge journalism and you don’t pay s*** for this content.

    • Adam Bianski

      If you hate these writers so much why do you take time out of your day to read what they have to say, also helping pay there salaries by clicking on the site. You sound to me like a miserable little man that needs to get a woman in his life.

  • drkdisciple

    Okami is a 185 pound version of John Fitch!

  • MuayThaiFood

    Lombard doesn’t seem to have much in the way of footwork or head movement.