UFC on Fuel TV 8 Fight Highlights Video: Takanori Gomi vs. Diego Sanchez

March 3, 2013
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Diego Sanchez Fuel TV 8 HighlightsCheck out UFC on Fuel TV 8 fight highlights from the Takanori Gomi vs. Diego Sanchez fight in Japan.

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  • Gommi was robbed. Sanchez gets another gift. That decision was a joke. I had Gommi winning at least two rounds maybe even three. That s*** is just wrong.

  • RonnieV

    I thought Gomi won as well

  • Rodney Johnson

    I’ve only seen this clip and I could tell Gomi should have got the decision.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Sanchez won round 1. Gomi won rounds 2 and 3. Dreadful decision. Gomi won.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Sanchez won round 1 only if you give it to him for the takedowns he did nothing with. I’m sure that’s what the judges were going with though.

  • Truth

    Highway robbery. Not a single person… any media… Dana White… not even Diego Sanchez thought that Diego won. I was shocked when even 1 judge scored it for Diego, but TWO??? wtf.

  • Gomi clearly won, everyone agrees.

    What baffles me is that the UFC is making no noise of a direct rematch. Of all the recent direct rematches, Gomi would deserve one the most. I guess no one is interested in seeing Sanchez afraid of exchanging with Gomi and failing to sub him again.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Yeah, I’ll pass on the rematch. Just give Gomi the win bonus and get rid of Diego and I’m good.

    • Supaman

      Gomi doesn’t need a rematch… he clearly won. This is just like Pacquaio v. Bradley. After Gomi’s hand heals, he should get a Melvin Guillard or rematch w/ BJ.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    I think all of those scary faces that Sanchez makes swayed the judges decisions…..

    Any “judge” that scored that fight for Sanchez needs to have their eyes examined ASAP.