UFC on Fuel TV 7 Results: Matt Riddle Dominates, but Only Manages Split Decision Nod

February 16, 2013
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Matt Riddle at UFC 143Matt Riddle and Che Mills both went into UFC on Fuel TV 7 in London trying to continue the climb up the UFC welterweight ranks, but only one man can emerge victorious.

That man on Saturday would be Matt Riddle.

Riddle established early on that his weapon of choice would be the takedown. He scored several in round one, but mounted little damage.

In the second stanza, however, Riddle again scored the takedown, but this time he maintained superior positioning throughout the round, grounding and pounding Mills. Riddle did a good job keeping his weight on Mills, wearing him down, and then mixing in some sharp knees to the body, and then stayed glued to Mills as the Englishman tried to wriggle free, but couldn’t.

Mills came out strong in the final round, engaging in a solid exchange on the feet, but Riddle returned to his bread and butter, elevating and planting Mills on his back once again.

Riddle’s grappling was just far too superior, allowing him to control the majority of the fight and keep Mills from scoring.

Mills made a valiant effort, reversing Riddle in the final minute of the fight, and then returning to his feet, but Riddle took that away from him, finishing the fight in a clinch on the fence.

The fight didn’t score a lot of favor from fans, but perhaps more puzzling was the judges’ decision.

Riddle dominated with his wrestling, but one of the judges still saw fit to score the fight in Mills’ favor, making it a split decision victory for Riddle.

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  • how did that one judge give any round to mills let alone the fight on his card

    • Timothy Malone

      That judge is stupid, but I will still attempt to explain how he could have possibly come up with the result.

      Mills did land more significant strikes in the first and third rounds. These have to be the rounds the judge gave him. In the first, Riddle completed 3 out of 8 takedowns, and in the third, 1 out of 5. Therefore Mills defended the majority of them. The judge figures Mills wins striking and holds his own in grappling and so wins the rounds and the fight.

      Again I dont think this is proper judging, but I’m trying to figure out how he got to his conclusion. I would like to think the judge isn’t just insane.

  • Maddawgmar

    Fight a Brit in England. Judging usually favors the hometown guy. Horrible call. 30-27 Riddle.

  • Advance*

    I’m honestly wondering if one of the judges was accidentally scoring to the wrong fighters or if they’re just that bad. Almost every fight would have one weird score. There was no way anyone could intentionally give Mills two rounds and then one of the judges gave Te Huna a 29-27, which means he got a 10-8 round but Jimmo didn’t in the first. And I give Riddle a pass for grinding this out since he’s already lost plenty of brain cells for us by trying to put on a show