UFC on Fuel TV 4 Live Post-Fight Press Conference Video, Shortly After Main Event

July 11, 2012
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Watch the Wednesday, July 11, UFC on Fuel TV 4: Munoz vs. Weidman post-fight press conference streaming live on MMAWeekly.com. Several of the event’s fighters are slated to field questions from the media shortly after the conclusion of the UFC on Fuel TV 4 main event.

Courtesy of UFC.com.

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  • adam1848

    What the hell is wrong with Josh Rosenthal? That was the worst non stoppage I’ve ever seen. Dude should be fired for that. I’ve always respected him, but that was completely inexcusable.

    • blabla

      He should never work as an MMA referee again. I can understand the excuse that he didn’t have a good view angle for the first 5-6 punches. But he was right there staring at Munoz’s face for the last TEN punches, while Munoz’s head was being shaken around like a sack of potatoes, blood spraying out, and obviously his body completely limp. I understand “a little too late”, mistakes happen, but I have never seen such gross failure from a ref.

      Weidman needs to share some of the blame. There is no way that at some point he didn’t realize Munoz had become a punching bag. Sure, you have to go on until the ref stops you, but it should have been obvious to him he could stop. Many fighters know when to do that, such as Silva. I hope he’ll make an exception and destroys Weidman face.