UFC on Fuel TV 4 Gate and Attendance: Numbers Down in ‘Computer Geek’ Area

July 12, 2012
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The UFC landed in San Jose, Calif., on Wednesday for UFC on Fuel TV 4, smack in the middle of Strikeforce’s home turf.

The fighters on the card, headlined by Mark Munoz vs. Chris Weidman, delivered a solid line-up of fights, but being a midweek made-for-TV fight card, it did little to generate the same level of excitement at the box office.

UFC on Fuel TV 4: Munoz vs. Weidman pulled in an attendance of 4,250 for a live gate of $163,495, according to UFC president Dana White, who said that he wasn’t disappointed with the midweek numbers.

“We’re gonna have days that are in the middle of the week. These are TV fights,” said White at the post-fight press conference.

“It was a great event here tonight. It was for Fuel. On a Wednesday in the middle of the day to do a $163,000 gate is good.”

Of course, by UFC standards, those are not blockbuster numbers, quite the opposite. And given that the market is in California, which is a bastion of MMA talent, and San Jose having a history with Strikeforce, White is still a little baffled that they didn’t do better.

“This market does surprise me a little. There’s a lot of money in this market,” he said, explaining that an acquaintance of his at Apple wrote it off to it being a “computer geek area.”

“I don’t know,” said White, adding, “We’re gonna keep coming here. It’s not gonna keep us away from here.”

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  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    Any body with Comcast is SOL. I wish I had Fuel. Miss the Spike days, seems everyone has Spike TV. Put it all on FX!

    • graffix000

      I’m with you. Looked up and down for the card. I did find it in some odd ball fox channel in spanish, but had to pay for the spanish channels to get it.

      Stupid as everyone has FX or Spike.

  • callmedaddie

    No one went to these fights because the tickets were worth more than the interest in the card. Nobody really liked the card and no one could even relate to any of the fighters, add in that the tickets were pretty expensive and this is what you get. I live in San Jose and from day one I knew I would not buy tickets for this event. All of my friends who are also hardcore MMA were not willing to dish out a crap load of money for this fight. I bet you that if the UFC did the Cain Velasquez (who is loved and well known all over Northern and Central Cali) and Junior DosSantos fight in San Jose that it would sell out real quick! People were disappointed when the UFC pulled that fight off of the last San Jose UFC card.

  • tonykaz

    You are SOL with Brighthouse Standard cable also. Not going to upgrade for a few unranked fighters per year. Should of stayed loyal to Spike Dana.

  • Everytime I watch the prelims there is almost no one there. Who are these “fans” that pay to see the live show but skip half the card?

  • Maine2Alaska

    fuel comes in so crappy too.. cant see the time, cuts off half my screen, not in HD.. did like watching the prelims on FB with no commercials.. felt like i was there live

  • kylesmith

    Forget about those ingrates in San Jose! Come back to Cincinnati, we haven’t gotten a show in 5 years!

  • kylesmith

    Forget about Fuel TV, too. Who the hell even gets Fuel TV? Put in on Fox or FX.

  • somecokehead

    Baffled? Lies! You put together a half tuf fighter half no name card, add Wiedman vs Munoz as the main event, which turned out to be an execution and charge up the kisser for it. Add to that it was an afternoon/evening event and only on a channel nobody has or wants.
    Further more you take Rogan out of the picture, who people like and replace him with Florian, who is more knowledgable but not as well liked.
    This to me, is like watching Bellator, only the tickets would be far more expensive.
    How many reasons do you need for a shows failure?
    At least the fighters showed up.