UFC on Fuel TV 1: Sanchez vs. Ellenberger Full Weigh-in Video

February 14, 2012
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Here’s Tuesday’s full UFC on Fuel TV 1: Sanchez vs. Ellenberger weigh-in video, courtesy of UFC.com. The actual video starts at about the 10 minute mark, so you might want to scrub ahead to that point.

  • Mario

    What was Menjivar trying to bring with him to the stareoff?

  • bryanadams

    Diego looks better than he did for the kampman fight, but still not the old Diego. He did a really poor job of managing his career, I think the dramatic shifts in weight and the wild lifestyle took a toll on his body that he will never bounce back from. In total he probably lost 5 or 6 yrs off of his career when all is said and done. Too bad 🙁