UFC on Fuel 3 Video: Korean Zombie Ready for Title Shot, Reacts to Dana White’s News

May 16, 2012
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Chan Sung Jung Korean Zombie WEC 51
The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung received $80,000 in fight bonuses on Tuesday night, but he may have been happiest about the news he heard during the post fight press conference.

Jung was told that he was next in line for a title shot in the UFC featherweight division, and his reaction was priceless.

Check out these highlights from the UFC on Fuel 3 post fight press conference with the Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung:

  • Mario

    Good for him. He certainly deserves it!

    • War Zombie… woot woot! It’ll be a good test for Aldo. Awesome fight.

  • The Korean Zombie is legit! He is 3-0 since joining the UFC and beat the consensus contender in waiting in Poirier. If anyone deserves a title shot its Jung. The Zombie always puts on good fights and has a way of pulling other fighters into fighting his type of fight. I think he could provide a good match for Aldo with his action packed pace. If White were there, he would have agreed.

    Check out this link about the Zombie http://www.ufcfightblogger.com/news/chan-sung-jung-chokes-dustin-poirier-ufc-fuel-tv-3-results/

  • sammychow

    so proud of him!!!!!!! good for him!!!!!!!!

  • silent_nick

    2 words – George Roop.

    That being said, who else besides KZ can they put against Aldo (assuming he dismantles Koch)?

    • RubeKegal

      Read my mind nick….Anyone that loses to George Roop should quit MMA in my opinion, and he got KTFO!!

      I Like Koch having the shot, but Korean Zombie should NOT be next in line….that should belong to Hatsu Hioki

      Hioki has dominated his opposition as opposed to standup wars ith his opposition like KZ.

      • JayeP1976

        Hioki was offered the shot first, but declined. You make it sound like losing to Roop is sooooooo bad lol. George is a skilled fighter and Chan got caught, that’s all. George is also a huge (tall) 155’er. I guarantee if that fight happened again-it would not be the same outcome. Chan is undefeated since he’s been in the UFC-All fight of the night, highlight reel wins. Hioki is a great fighter, but prior to the UFC, the competition he faced in Japan was relatively weak. He also did not look great against Roop or “Bartimus.” What’s funny to me is everyone under estimates the Zombie, then they get in the Octagon with him and get THROTTLED. Yes, he does deserve a title shot.

        • RubeKegal

          disagree completely….his speed or lack thereof will get him destroyed vs Aldo.

        • RubeKegal

          George is “huge”??? Lay off the bong Florida boy. And don’t say “I guarantee if that happened again, this is how it would go down”…makes you seem like a prick who thinks he knows it all.

          Chan’s wins since coming to UFC have been good for sure, but against who? Poirier was his first top 10 win while Hioki has several.

          Also Hioki beat Roop who KO’d Chan

          Hioki beat Bartimus and Sandro(Both top 10) and when he beat Takeshi Inoue, Inoue was 18-3 and was top 10 as well. Also beat Hominick twice…To say the competition he fought in Japan was weak and shows you don’t study MMA….but to quote a line from you,

          “Do you train? Because if you did, I think you would change your tone about the fighters in Japan instead of calling them weak”

          You’re a punk

  • kennythejet

    Rubekegal You are an absolute troll!

    You agree with Koch getting the title shot but not Jung because he lost to Roop. First off just the fact that you think Koch DESERVES a title shot makes you sound dumb enough. He beat Jonathan Brooking a year ago who btw would probally lose to Roop and Rafael Assusco who would also would probally lose to roop. He has also been inactive for almost a year.

    Zombie on the other hand beat Leonard Gacia with the first twister in UFC history, then beats Hominick who was a consencus top 5 FW at the time with a 7 second KO and then dominates Poirer, another top 5 guy in the division and finishes him with a d’arce. No question he should be next in line for that title shot!!

    Also to say Hioki has dominated shows you probally haven’t watched any of his fights but rather just read contender articles. You want to see dominating watch a replay of KZ last night!

    Go back to watching pro wrestling, seems much more up you alley!!!

    • RubeKegal

      troll? It’s my opinion ya fackin ********. Koch’s only loss is to Mendes, he’s 13-1 and works standup with Roufus which is one of the premier striking coaches in the world.

      You highlight that the Korean Zombie beat Leonard Garcia…ok this might sound crazy but Leonard Garcia BLOWS…when he fought Nam Phan, it looked like a technical striker against a drunk tough guy.

      Also Assuncao and Brookins(Not Brooking ya assclown) both have more wins than George Roop and COMBINED have less losses. Go ahead sherdog it. George Roop is 12-9…Brookins(13-4) and Assuncao(17-4) are a combined 30-8.

      You talking about Zombie’s twister submission makes you sound like a Rogan worshipping queerbait.

      YOU ALSO LIE YOUR ASS OFF CALLING MARK HOMINICK A “CONSENCUS TOP 5 FW” Where the f*ck did you find that info?!? Even before his title shot with Aldo, the rankings had him not even top 10!!!

      Top 5? WHAT A MORON!!!! It appears you should go back to watching WWE because you are amazed by a decent fighter dominating subpar fighters.

      • JayeP1976

        Buddy, let’s see you get in there and put Leonard in a Twister. Let’s see you knock out Mark Hominick in 7 seconds. Something tells me the only thing you’ve ever submitted is a triple whopper w/ cheese and extra mayo. When you try to invalidate other peoples accomplishments, it makes you seem like a hateful, insecure, little girl. What the hell is wrong with you dude?

        • RubeKegal

          aww are you upset? Did I put down your favorite fighter? Hioki is much more accomplished and deserves to be in there more that is a fact.

          The only thing you ever submitted is probably your father’s wiener.

          When you cry about someone’s opinion on a forum, it makes you look like a queerbait. What’s wrong with you vagboy?

      • saywhat

        Anyone know where this Rube Kegal dude lives ????? Dude, you’re a JACKASS ! Hominick was indeed top 5 MMAWeekly before he fought Aldo…. the guy was correct !

        • RubeKegal

          You proves that YOU are the JACKASS who can’t read.

          No Hominick was NOT top 10…The top 10 list I posted was directly before his fight with Aldo. It’s from Nov 22, 2011…read the top and you’ll see. What is so hard to read about that? Aldo was 1, Hioki was 2(they even talked about his upcoming match vs Palaszewski), 3 was Mendes, 4 Curran, 5 Kenny Florian, 6 Marlon Sandro, 7 Diego Nunes, 8 Dustin Poirier, 9 Bart Palaszewski, 10 Joe Warren. Then under *Other Notables* was Patricio Freire, Manny Gamburyan, Tyson Griffin, Mark Hominick and Erik Koch.

          You’re welcome moron

        • RubeKegal

          and he said before he fought Korean Zombie, NOT Aldo reetard. Learn to read and save yourself the aggravation.

  • kennythejet

    Anderson Silva lost to Ryo Chonnan, bad losses happen to great fighters sometimes.

    • RubeKegal

      Ryo Chonan had something called agility you moron….George Roop is slow, unathletic and has a 2-5 UFC record, although you probably think “at one time” he was a top 10 FW. Go back to shining shoes kenneth!

      • Mario

        You sound really unhappy.

        Hopefully you feel better buddy.

        • RubeKegal

          Just bitching out the bitch Wario…guy calls me a troll because I like Koch and think KZ would be minced meat vs Aldo.

      • JayeP1976

        Wow. What’s wrong brah, U mad? Keep calling everyone “morons” or “ass-clowns” for having VALID opinions. Your showing us your level of intelligence with each rambling, incoherent, post you make. From what I gather you seem like a Noob who just started watching MMA. Keep your opinions civil bro, no need to act like a little girl when someone disagrees with you. And also, Do you train? Because if you did, I think you would change your tone about Leonard and George if you actually FOUGHT. I know at my gym (ATT Orlando) if they heard you talking the way you are about fighters, a lot of the students would wanna kick your ass. So take it easy, its hard enough for fighters to make a living without FAN BOYS on the internet talking sh#t about them. Have a Nice Day.

        • RubeKegal

          Mental midgit, I was called a troll for pushing Hioki over Zombie because Zombie lets face it is going to get killed.. If defending yourself is a crime then i’m guilty for having a set of balls. You should try having a doctor surgically give you testicles.

          Oh wow you train at ATT Orlando…I am so f’in impressed I might have just crapped my pants. I don’t give a damn about which MMA fighter you jerk off so you can say you “train” with him when all he is really doing is laughing his way to the bank taking your money.

          You are pathetic, you are a wannabe toughguy hiding behind your keyboard.


        • RubeKegal

          You’re a pansy who is easily offended by media outlets. Wannabe MMA guys like yourself are so quick to say “Hey he’s trying to make a living, so don’t bash him”. I’m pretty sure the media does that with EVERY sport, but guys like you make MMA fighters seem like sensitive insecure queers who can’t handle the criticisms. I never hear anyone use that line for NFL or NBA players. You’re soft brah!!

  • mikemma123

    Theirs a lot of hype now with the Korean zombie…. Let’s see if he’s the real deal or just another “W” for Aldo.

    • RubeKegal

      he’s another W for Aldo, i’d bet a grand on it.