UFC on Fuel 3 Results: Igor Pokrajac Outstrikes Fabio Maldonado for the Win

May 15, 2012
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Igor PokrajacFabio Maldonado was looking to rebound against Igor Pokrajac at UFC on Fuel TV 3 on Tuesday night in Fairfax, Va., but it didn’t quite work out that way.

The two UFC light heavyweight hopefuls went toe-to-toe and fist-for-fist for the duration of their three-round fight, but Maldonado couldn’t do enough in the judges’ eyes to earn the nod.

Pokrajac took Maldonado down early in the fight, dominating him on the mat for the better part of the first round, but Maldonado wouldn’t cash it in.

He fought his way out and once back on his feet, went to work with his patented body shots, trying to soften Pokrajac up for the knockout punch later in the fight. While his strategy was implemented about as well as it could have been, there was one factor that he couldn’t overcome… Pokrajac’s chin.

Pokrajac took everything that Maldonado dished out and would not go down. He also fired back with a varied striking arsenal of his own, combining some powerful punch combinations with a continuous assault of knees.

Amazingly, Pokrajac, no matter what he unleashed, couldn’t put Maldonado down either. He did do enough in the fight, however, to earn a unanimous nod from the judges.

Pokrajac is now on a three-fight streak, while Maldonado has back-to-back defeats staring him in the face for the first in more than 10 years.

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  • phrankthetank

    I had 1 and 2 for Maldonado, but the 1st rd was way too close to be upset about either way. What judge gave that second rd to igor though???

  • If Maldonado had knockout power he would be a beast. Some beautiful punches landed throughout the fight. Second time this has come to haunt him now.

  • phrankthetank

    Someone tell me if I’m crazy, didn’t Maldonado win the 2nd rd fairly decisively? After looking at the scorecards, All three judges gave rd 2 to igor. I’m confused.

  • williamsea

    You may want to change the story title. Maldanado land 100 more strikes. 215-111

  • KBEsq

    Yeah, I really like Maldonado, and I’ve enjoyed even his losses. He’s been on the wrong end of some losing decisions.

    I really think the problem with this fight, like many for Maldonado, is that judges don’t consider body punches. Maldonaldo landed a lot more punches, but Pokrajac landed some big shots and was throwing knees. I think the judges got taken away by the jumping knee, which in slow motion did not really have any momentum behind it, and the other hay makers.

    I hope the UFC doesn’t cut Maldonado.

    • phrankthetank

      Maldonado was forcing igor to give up the plumb due to the power of his body shots. How do the judges miss shit like that?

    • shakejunt

      fully agree on all accounts.
      i almost feel like judges should be required to visit with each fighter the day after and see who looks like the winner. no way igor’s body this morning felt like he won that fight