UFC on Fox Sports 1: Shogun vs. Sonnen Remains in Boston, Fight Card Intact

June 30, 2013
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Fox Sports 1 LogoThe UFC on Fox Sports 1: Shogun vs. Sonnen fight card slated for Aug. 17 in Boston will move forward as planned after UFC officials avoided disaster due to Massachusetts’ requirement for all fighters to have a social security number in order to compete.

The requirement nearly tripped up several foreign fighters on the card since they would not normally have a social security number.

UFC officials worked overtime, however, to make sure that the fight card will move forward as planned, according to a Boston Herald report.

Fighters that enter the U.S. with a valid visa can apply for a social security number. It’s a time consuming process, but the UFC worked with the proper authorities to make it happen.

“We ended up getting everything straightened out. The fights will happen. The card will be great. It’s going to be good,” UFC president Dana White told the Boston Herald.

“There’s always something. It literally never ends. There’s always something, something that pops up or whatever. We’re pretty used to dealing with this stuff.”

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Chael Sonnen headlines the UFC on Fox Sports 1 #1 fight card, which also serves as prime time programming for the launch of the new Fox Sports 1 network.

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  • This card is sick. I really hope it stays injury free.

    • Mark McDowall

      I feel like they might be putting too much in to these Fox Sports cards at the cost of the PPV’s. The last couple PPV’s and the upcoming few are kinda weak…you have a fan fest ppv card with only 5 televised fights, then a free fox sports card with 10 televised fights? Kinda lopsided if you ask me

      Is it true alot of cable subscribers wont get Fox Sports without having one of the higher channel packages?

      • Timothy Malone

        Are you complaining too many good fights are being shown for free? o_0

        And satellite tv is totally the way to go.

        • Mark McDowall

          I totally agree with you about satelite. Im just curious about how many people are not able to actually watch these fights.

          I know alot of local bars wont show free fights because they can’t charge cover for a free fight like they do the PPV’s.

      • They very well might be over extending themselves. Lately I have only liked two maybe three fights on the ppv’s and this card here is just stacked with pretty much every fight IMO. I have heard that rumor as well about the Fox Sports package but I’m not sure.

        • Mark McDowall

          Exactly. Despite what everyone thinks…PPV dollars are by far the biggest earner for UFC and shorting the PPV’s to be able to put on a couple overly stacked free cards doesn’t make much financial sense to me. I’ve ordered half as many fight cards this year as I did through this time last year because of all these stacked free cards.

  • Ian Price

    The social makes them subject to US income taxes, I assume. Uncle Sam wants a piece of these foreigners!

  • Tom Jolley

    Sho Gun wit da KO victory