UFC on Fox: Rashad Evans Embraces New TV Deal, Wants to Fight ‘Cocky’ Jon Jones

Rashad Evans

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, and current No. 1 contender, “Suga” Rashad Evans was on hand at Thursday’s unveiling of the new television partnership between the UFC and the Fox family of networks.

Like other fighters in attendance, Evans was excited for the new deal, and for primarily the same reason: credibility. While mixed martial arts fans and those in the industry already have respect for the fight, signing on with Fox, the UFC immediately elevates its fighters in the minds of the public at large to the same level as NFL player, Major League Baseball, and other professional athletes.

MMAWeekly.com‘s Erik Fontanez spoke with Evans on Thursday, discussing not only the significance of the UFC on Fox TV deal, but also his career, his recent fight with Tito Ortiz, and his thoughts on Jon Jones and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and more…


  1. i never was a big fan of Rashad cause of how cocky he would act in the ring but i do agree with him in this broadcast! Everyone will have their day!!! They all get beat! i hope they let Dan fight the Winner next an then let Rashad fight Bones

  2. i don’t see how dan henderson thinks beating feijao, renato sobral and a scrubby fedor at heavyweight puts him in line for an immediate ufc title shot…

    he’s already lost to rampage and i can’t see anybody giving him a real chance on paper against jones. why does he think either of those fights are exciting? the best he deserves right now is a contender fight against phil davis when he’s healthy. then we’ll see how much his TRT is helping him at 41 lol.

    • Dan is the current Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion. He holds the belt , so that counts for something. And, like it or not beating an old Fedor who out weighs you by 20 pounds does count for something. I can’t say Quinton or Jones would have beat Fedor.

  3. How come no one mentions Lyoto Machida. He knocked out Rashad Evans and is a former champion. I know he’s on the horizon for both fighters.

    • Machida gets the next title shot after Rashad if: He beats Phil Davis (at UFC 140?), after Shogun beats Forrest, then Jon Jones beats Rampage, then Rampage beats Shogun in a rematch that almost certainly will happen if both of the above do.

      I know, it’s kind of like the NFL playoff scenarios at the end of the regular season.

  4. Everyone forgot to mention the obvious:

    Retard Evans is not going to beat Jones. Period.

  5. Rashad will always lose to Jones, Machida and Shogun. Rampage would also beat Rashad 1 out of 2.

    Rashad is the cockyest fighter I know.

    • Retard Evans is mostly hype. He will lose to Jones, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Rampage take him out too.

      Cocky isn’t the word for this fool!

      • Hey Bigguy you must have a Big dick in your mouth dude GET OFF OF JONES NUTS! Lol. I hate when people point out the obvious..rashad may or may not have a chance but it takes one cockier guy to know another. I’m not a rashad fan but anything can happen in mma.

    • Rashad is not my favorite fighter, or persona. But he does show a steady progress of imporovement in each fight.
      I think Jones will beat him, but I also think Evans has the best chance of beating Jones out of anybody so far.
      I don’t see Evans makeing the same mistake against Machida as he did the first fight. Plus, Rua showed us all where the Dragon’s weakness is, and I’m sure Evans has picked up on it.
      A lack of a boxer’s guard. Machida evades the head punch, he doesn’t not put a guard up.
      As Jackson being able to go 1 for 2 against Evans? well, I don’t think so. Jackso already has a big L against Evans. And Evans’ stand up was better than Jackoson’s then, and has continued to improve since that fight.
      In Evans vs Jackson II. Jackson has to win by KO, or he will lose the decision. And I feel Evans is too elusive for Jackson to KO.