UFC on Fox Post Fight Presser: Cain Velasquez on Losing the Belt (Video)

November 13, 2011
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UFC on Fox 1 has been lauded as a milestone in the history of the promotion. Milestone or not, it doesn’t matter to Cain Velasquez. What matters to Cain Velasquez is that he veered off course and it cost him the UFC heavyweight championship.

“I strayed away from the game plan. I’m gonna learn never to do that again,” he said after the fight.

Velasquez has vowed to regroup and earn his way back into the title picture to recapture the belt.

Check out what else the former champ had to say at the UFC on Fox post-fight press conference…

  • charlsrippy

    I have been a fan of the UFC since #1 and am from the same area of California as Cain in Salinas. I would love to root for Cain but can not as he appears to be a total raciest with that Brown Pride tattooed across his chest. Brown Pride is not only racist it is a well known Mexican Gang; his tattoo is not that old and should not be considered an indiscretion of youth. If a White guy had White Pride tattooed across his chest in two inch letters he would be labeled a racist and probably not be allowed to fight. Cain was born in the USA and has benefited greatly from the USA and he marches around with the Mexican flag, pounding it on his chest. For this reason alone he deserves to loose. He would have no opportunity in Mexico to have the education he has or to be able to have achieved what he and his family have received from the USA. He dose no behave as a true champion should. What’s wrong with the USA flag

  • I knew I’d find one of these post subjects somewhere. I’ll say the same thing I always say. It’s the white races fault for runing that previlage for todays race. But with scum like skinheads,Nazis and the South you have to blame them. Yes the gang(and all other gangs and cartels,mafias etc)of which you refer to are as well, I highly doubt he’s got it for that reason. Would there ever be such a big race questions of hate if it were not for the white man?

  • ripurheadoff

    Im Mexican American and i dont even like cain that much,im a JDS fan and my brothers a big Cain fan.Its not that i dont like him as a person just not all that mexico crap i dont like the whole wrestling thing im more of a stand up guy.