UFC on Fox Post: Clay Guida Gives Henderson His Due (Video)

November 13, 2011
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With a title shot on the line, Clay Guida gave everything he had but came up short in his fight against Benson Henderson at UFC on Fox.

Following the fight, Guida gave Henderson his due for going out and putting on a great performance and earning a title shot against lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

Never discouraged however, Guida is happy to start working his way back into the title mix and won’t let a loss deter him from his ultimate goal.

Winning the UFC lightweight title.

Check out this video of Clay Guida talking Ben Henderson and his performance at UFC on Fox

  • Clay Guida ,has got class man , he does his job well every time puts on an *ss whooping clinic each time , and never makes excuses !!! Great job Clay, true essence of Professionalism !!! we love watching you perform !!

  • Black Belt

    Win or lose, I enjoy the fights Guida puts on. Always exciting and worth the money to see.