UFC on Fox: Lightweight Champ Frankie Edgar Weighs in on the Deal and Gray Maynard

August 18, 2011
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UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar

As the hours tick by, the impact of the UFC’s announced television partnership with Fox on Thursday continues to build in its perceived significance.

That feeling is spilling over in several directions, and it’s something that wasn’t missed by UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, who was flown out to Los Angeles to take part in the announcement.

“My career’s been a fun ride thus far, to be able to look back some day and say I was a part of this is something I’ll be proud of. This is probably one of the biggest days in UFC history,” he told MMAWeekly.com‘s Erik Fontanez.

See what else Edgar had to say about this landmark deal for the UFC and what he had to say about his upcoming UFC 136 rematch against Gray Maynard on Oct. 8 in Houston…

  • epyonx1

    If the Frankie Edgar that won the title is the one that steps into the ring AND he has an answer to Maynard’s wrestling, I’d say it’s a done deal. Edgar’s boxing is pretty great & it’ll be hard to outwork Maynard so I’d say the answer is the ground game. Strength + position + transitions + submission attempts = win.

  • Unador

    Frankie has a tenous hold at best on the LW title.
    He went 5 rounds to get it. Then an instant rematch with Penn, to go another 5 rounds and he kept it.
    Then he goes 5 rounds with Maynard for a controversial draw.
    Now he has to fight Maynard again, and even if he wins the third fight against Maynard it doesn’t settle the score. They would be 1-1-1. It will need a 4th fight for somebody to get a 2, and hopefully not a draw again.
    I like Frankie, love to watch his stand up. But to be a decisive champion he needs some dangerous bjj, because I don’t see him getting massive KO power over night. These lightweigt guys just don’t generate enough force to damage the human body the same way a 185lber and up can.
    I see a lot of great LW fights, but I don’t see anyone that is going to run away with the division like Silva has at 185. That makes for a lot of good fights.
    Hopefully Frankie can hold on to it for a while. He just seems like a real likeable guy, and I’d like to see him as reigning champion for a while, but he’s gonna have to earn it.