UFC on Fox: Georges St-Pierre Dishes on Broadcast Deal and How Nick Diaz Offended Him

August 20, 2011
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Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre

The UFC brought out it’s big guns to announced its new TV deal with Fox. The company’s “A-List” in attendance included not only UFC president Dana White, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, and UFC VP Chuck Liddell, but also fighters such as Georges St-Pierre, Frankie Edgar, and Rashad Evans.

All of them are excited for the fruits that will soon be coming their and the UFC’s way because of this landmark TV deal, but UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre actually had a lot more to say about his next opponent, former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz, than the broadcast agreement.

Diaz has a knack for getting under his opponent’s skin, and although GSP pride’s himself on not getting overly emotional about his fights, he had to admit that he feels somewhat disrespected by Diaz’s comments that the UFC champ was ducking him.

St-Pierre and Diaz will square off on Oct. 29 at UFC 137 in Las Vegas.

Watch MMAWeekly.com‘s exclusive one-on-one interview with Georges St-Pierre below…

  • bajafox

    GSP DUCKS NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!…..

    ………..except Anderson Silva

  • wonggfan

    And he won’t go up to 185lbs.

    But he dominates the 170lb division. I don’t see anyone beating him at 170 anytime soon. He is too complete.

    I want to see some 185ers drop to 170 to face this guy. I just don’t see competition for him at WW. Plus the WW division is getting old now. We need new blood.

    • Cptmats

      For once i agree, there is a few young ww coming up but not many naturals like there was five years ago, Rory Mcdonald will Prob take over for GSP one day keeping the belt in Canada !

  • phrankthetank

    You can’t blame him for not going up to 185. I mean, it’d be amazing, but how do you tell a guy. “congratulations, you are the best fighter in the world by far in your natural weight class and have put together a very successful run. Now, vacate your title, go 15 lbs above your natural weight class and immediately fight the guy who is the very best in the world at that weight class” that’s serious!

    • MrAdidas

      Very nicely said! Finally someone with some common sense! Yet I dont hear people crying for Anderson to move up to LHW? Y is it just GSP? Considering Anderson hasn’t lost @ MW, so y still be there? Not to mention it’s BY FAR the WORST DIVISION in all of MMA & especially the UFC, yet Silva wants to keep fighting weakies @ MW & NOT world class fighters @ LHW!

      Until Silva moves up to LHW, I find it very hard to consider him as the #1 P4P fighter. Silva is almost like Fedor, in regards to all of the W’s (Wins), by beating Tomato Cans. Though Silva has fought in the UFC – hes just in a god awful division, but he can fix that with a move up to LHW.

      I have no problem if Silva wants to stay @ MW, since hes the Champ & deserves to stay the Champ until someone (Sonnen) beats him =) But @ least fight @ LHW & lets see if he’s as good as people think he is, or if hes just very fortunate figthing in the WEAKEST division in all of MMA!

  • MrAdidas

    Yeah GSP is ducking Silva just as much as Silva is ducking Jon Jones! @ least GSP has a reason not ot move up to MW, hes just too small period – thats FACT!!! Y move up & ALWAYS be at a disadvantage b4 he even enters the Octagon?!? He wont have the size, strength or reach advantage VS ANYONE @ MW.

    Why do you fools think Silvas 2 scared to move up to LHW? B/C he wont have all the advantages he as @ MW b4 EVERY fight, such as… size, strength & reach advantage. Silva is a NATURAL LHW seeing that he walks around @ 220lbs+, so y is it that “GSP is ducking Silva” when GSP is much too small to move up to MW, while Silva who can easily fight @ LHW & still be one of the biggest fighters @ LHW, wont, b/c hes too much of a pussy, b/c he wont have the edge/advantages b4 he even steps foot into the Octagon.

    WONG: The WW division is producing ALOT of new blood/talent, such as… Rick Story, Charlie Brenneman, “Condit”, Brian Ebersole, Ellenberger, Hathaway, Hendricks, Dong Hyun Kim, Rory McDonald & Claude Patrick etc. there were possibly 4 or 5 others I could have mentioned.


  • Cptmats

    I read that they talked about a catch weight bout at 177lb. and a remach for the MW belt if Gsp Wins. The thing is George isnt scared he said if he moves up it will be permenent so he wants to take time to put on the weight naturally ! But he also walks around a 200lb.
    I say is Sonnens Wrestling was that effective the GSP’s got this

  • epyonx1

    What should GSP have done? Say to himself, “Oh, I made it in UFC but I’m a crazy person, so I’m just going to throw away my UFC belt and go to a lesser organization in Strikeforce just for the hell of it just so I can challenge Diaz?”

    And what would be the point of GSP going up in weight class? GSP is 5’10” and Anderson Silva is 6’2″. And guess what? MOST fighters will have a size advantage if GSP moves up. It’s pointless.

    Look at Kenny Florian. Look at Urijah Faber. Look at Randy Couture. The smart thing to do is not for a Welterweight fighter to move UP in weight & suffer a size disadvantage but rather a Middleweight fighter who’s having problems to move DOWN in weight & enjoy a size advantage.

  • judo johnson

    209 WAR NICK!!!!!!!!!

  • Unador

    You can’t duck a guy that isn’t in your weight class. GSP isn’t ducking anyone.
    GSP stated that when and IF he moved to MW it would be when he was no longer interested in competing as a WW.
    GSP stated he was not going to gain and lose weight, gain and lose weight, gain and lose weight, to compete. He will compete at one weight until he decides he wants to compete at a different weight.

    GSP doesn’t walk around at 200lbs, anymore than Silva walks around at 215.
    And it does’t matter what you walk around at. I’m walking around at 242, and there is no way I would compete in the HW division against the champion or any contenders when I’m only a 6′ 185lb competitor.
    GSP is the welter weight champion, and Silva is the middle weight champion. Neither one of them need to jump weight to prove anything. Neither one of them need to fight eachother either. What would it prove if Anderson beat GSP?
    absolutely nothing.
    and that’s what everyone is looking for. There not trying to see Silva lose, there trying to see GSP lose. And if he loses to the Middle weight Champion of the World, it proves nothing because he is a welter weight!
    Now if Anderson loses to a welter weight that is something entirely different. But that is not the expected outcome.
    Same reason people want Silva to jump to LHW. To see him get beat. And if he does get beat? it still means nothing.
    SIlva is the Middle weight champion, if there is no other middle weight out there to beat him, then so be it. To say, ah, there are no good Middle weights, and that’s the only reason he’s the champion. Then that makes him the best middle weight. Accept it.
    likewise for GSP.

    • Cptmats


  • Unador

    wtf man. Matt Serra is over 200, you want that guy to compete as a LHW, or a MW.
    Like I said, It doesn’t matter what GSP walks around at. I don’t care if he’s 350lbs or raging muscle. He competes at 170. Silva does not. Having those two fight at 185 proves absolutely nothing.
    You walking around weight has 0 impact on your competing weight. It has zero relevence. So making the statement is an exercise in futility.
    And I still don’t think he walks around at 200+. You say 195 to 200. I’ve also heard Rogan say he walks around at 180 to 190. Who gives a flame. It doens’t mean anything.
    Yet you can hear GSP say in interviews that he knows it’s hard on the body to change a significant amount of weight in a short time and isn’t interested in jumping weight because of that fact. That leads me to beleive that GSP holds a tight rein on his weight. My ‘assumption’ is 5 to 10 lbs. But that’s just an assumption, I’m not in his gym training so do not have access to accurate information regarding GSP’s walk around weight. But if he was walking around at 200, why would he be worried about making 185 when he has to hit 170. I don’t see GSP as a deceptive, dishonest liar. So I’m haveing a hard time accepting him walking around at 200, worried about severe weight drops, refusing to fight at 185, when he drops below that to 170.
    Regardless, you don’t compete at the highest weight class you can attain. Nor do you compare performance at the highest weight class you can attain.
    Comparisons and calculations of a persons physical performance is measured against either A. the weight class you consistently compete in or B. the lowest weight class you can reach.
    Back to Serra. He is compared against other welter weights because that is where he tends to compete, even tho he’s really a LW regardless of the fact that he is walking around as a LHW.
    getting into a pissing match of speculations of GSP’s weight is useless if you are just going to make statements as if there are fact just becaue you posted them.
    How about some information or logical speculation of why you insist on believing and relaying to me that GSP is a natural 200 lber.
    Keep in mind it’s a moot point because his competetive weight is 170, and Anderson’s is not.
    The only way to set up a super fight between these two would be a series of three fights. First one at 170, then one at 185, and if the record is 1 and 1, you have a catch weight at 177.

  • johnnylopes

    gsp walks around at 190… he will destroy Anderson lets be serious, Andersons never fought someone like GSP ever, GSP has beaten the best of the best, welterweight division has way more talent then middleweight n GSP beat them all, Anderson never fought a middle weight version of Hughes, Serra, Fitch, Kos, Hardy, Sheilds, the best person Anderson has faced was Hendo, end of story, whatev you do dont put your money on Anderson you will be embaresed