UFC on Fox: Cain Velasquez Fights Harder Because of ‘La Raza’

November 10, 2011
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LOS ANGELES – UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez isn’t one to put on boring fights. At UFC on Fox, he’ll take on No. 1 contender Junior dos Santos in the network broadcast and expects excitement in the Octagon on Saturday night.

At the event’s pre-fight press conference, the champ talked about what his expectations are for the main event and how motivated he gets for the pending bout. He even comically fields offers for a new nickname, but quickly shoots it down.

Watch MMAWeekly.com’s video highlight of the champ at the UFC on Fox pre-fight presser.

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  • Imagine if a fighter had “White Pride” tattooed on his chest…

    • I don’t think it would be a big deal if it wasn’t for the connotation that white supremacists give that phrase. “Brown pride” is acceptable since we Hispanics are not known for committing hate crimes and being racist toward others. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and I never felt racism and/or discrimination until I came to live in the U.S. 16 years ago. There is nothing wrong with being proud of being white. The only problem is that white people have oppressed others in the past for many years, and still do.

      • kjs69724

        well said sir!

      • Black Belt

        @ josehernandez: Are you fucking serious??? ““Brown pride” is acceptable since we Hispanics are not known for committing hate crimes and being racist toward others.” Have you seen the prisons? They are filled with “brown people”. What fucking planet are you living on? Please feel free to use the argument that whites have put the “brown people” in prison. Great argument for morons!

        Have you seen what “brown people” have done to our country???? The illegals are destroying us day by day. Can we all have what you are on, because you are living in a fantasy world!!

        • Jay32

          josehernandez is one of the reasons why I actually made this account. This guy says some of the dumbest shit. I can assure you blackbelt, hes smoking the same stuff as the Diaz brothers and Cesar.

          Hispanics are not known for committing hate crimes? Hispanics are the cause of 70% of hate crimes against blacks, and lead in overall hate crimes in the US. Secondly one of the largest gangs in the US( ALKQN ) are taught to accept life as it has been taught to them by the existing system that exploits all people of color and dehumanizes them.

          White oppression? Pretty vague statement being there are hundreds of countries with white skin colored people.

          Most Puerto Rican and Mexican oppression comes internally. Taken from an excerpt.

          Internalized racism in the Latino community also reveals itself at the individual level. [ For example, nearly half of all Hispanics consider themselves White.] More telling, there is a great deal of self- loathing tied to the darkness of one’s skin. One Mexican American, who asserted that he “would have been only too happy to look as Mexican as my light-skinned older brother,” admitted that he felt “shame and sexual inferiority . . . because of my dark complexion.”

          Please make use of living in America and seek out some sort of education. As of right now, you strike me as an ignorant fool, whom knows nothing about MMA, let alone minority affairs.

          • BigGuy

            Jay32, very well said!

        • wonggfan

          Jose is techinically right, although he failed to fully elaborate.

          “Have you seen the prisons?”
          Hispanics that are in prison are not in there for committing race-hate crimes. Rape, robbery, drug dealing are NOT race-hate crimes.

          Look, there is a double standard in United States for everything. The double standard, to me, makes sense. Racism becomes an issue largely for the dominant race. White people acting racist has a bigger social impact than black people acting racist.

          Same thing with gender. Discrimating against females has a deeper social impact than discrimating against males.

          Brown Pride is NOT the same thing as white pride, although both are stupid.

          • bajafox

            wow wonggfan, this is by far the best comment I’ve seen you post

    • Black Belt

      @ uncanny390: It wouldn’t be tolerated because “brown people” are more racist than anyone. Screw Cain and ‘La Raza’.

  • kjs69724

    yeah “white pride” imagine that! An idiot using a term or phrase that’s associated with negative and racial views attached to it as a tat on his chest. First off as an African american I wouldn’t be outraged by it. Especially if the fighter is just being proud of his ethnic group but don’t kid yourself into thinking everyone if going to agree. It’s a slippery slope that isn’t worth trying so get over it. There are no negative connections behind black,asian, hispanic etc pride! that’s the difference. Hey let’s get a “9/11 rocks” tat on my chest and say it means something else and see how many people let it go!!! You have a lame arguement and I’m tired of hearing it! have a nice day!

  • ajmadic

    Jesus christ, you all need to shut up. Especially you, Black Belt. Dumb bitch.

  • dumbdick1000

    There is nothing racist about brown pride or doing it for “la raza,” except that if a white person had that tattoo and said he was doing it for the Aryan Race, everyone would lose their shit. The idea that brown people aren’t racist is retarded, are you not aware of the race wars that have gone on between blacks, mexicans, and whites in the poor neighborhoods of L.A., San Diego, and different parts of Arizona. The whole thing of its okay for Cain to do it because he is an oppressed minority is bullshit, either accept that people are going to be racial supremacists and tolerate their free speech regardless of their race, or condemn Cain the same way you would if GSP got a swastika tattoo and said he was fighting for the Aryan Race.

    • bajafox

      I live in San Diego, no race wars here I can assure you that.

  • ococ

    Can we all get along?…OK, cheesy, I know. Being Hispanic myself, I can relate to wanting to “represent” but, in today’s world that’s not easy without drawing out controversy. Race ‘wars’ are real, it happens. You have to live under a rock not to notice it. Cain’s Brown Pride tatt is no different that White Pride or Black Power or what have you. Being “proud” of your heritage is OK folks, just expect to draw attention when you post it, show it or voice it.

  • Santz

    The guy who said Hispanics aren’t racist towards one another is living in a fantasy land…nobody hates a Hispanic more than another Hispanic…do some reading, and you’ll see. The whole “brown pride” thing is a myth…there is no brown unity…same thing with that “La Raza” bs! Mexicans hate Latin Americans from Central America…all other Hispanics can’t stand Puerto Ricans or Cubans cause they’re so arrogant, loud, and annoying…white cultered Hispanic US citizens don’t like any Hispanic that isn’t American. Oh and on top of that, Mexicans from Mexico don’t even like each other…they’re all killing one another every day over territory! Not just drug cartels killing each other, they kill women and children with no remorse. So don’t feed us this brown unity crap…there’s no such thing!

    • BigGuy

      Well said!

  • bajafox

    I bet when Cain Velasquez beats JDS Saturday night, all those people who hate and fight each other will have one thing in common, a Mexican Heavy Weight Champion of the World. And at least for one split second, they will all be united in one way or another and be proud that there is a Mexican at the top of the mountain.

    Then, and only then, can they (we) go back to killing and fighting each other, lol

  • Jay32

    Now to all the idiots who are ignorant not to see the obvious amongst fighters and all people. Cain’s tattoo ” Brown Pride ” has an obvious meaning to it. Refers to his Latin Heritage. Why would anyone get a ” White Pride ” tattoo when there are numerous countries with white people as the core ethnicity. ” White Power ” is a slogan and symbol. That is much different than to have ” White Pride ” which is a vague statement and tattoo.

    No one has ” White Pride ” tattooed on them? Are you morons so sure about that? There are plenty of white fighters that have symbols that refer to their ethnic background. Most noticeably the Fleur-De-Lis on GSP. It not only refers to himself, it also refers to his ” FRENCH ” and Canadian background, along with his religious views.

    If you guys knew anything about the fighters themselves you would pick up on the obvious things. There are plenty of white fighters in the UFC, that have tattoos that send the message of being proud of their white ethnicity. Question is, are you idiots smart enough to figure out what they are.

  • lowlb

    I have a feeling his pride is in the face of racism. He’s proud to be a Mexican. I don’t know why people have to express their pride for the sake of racist idiots. Pride is a about as stupid as racism.. both are worthless. You, individually have nothing to do with your ethnicity and expressing pride would only be for someone who has a problem with your ethnicity – fuck that person. This planet was diverse when you were born and it will be diverse when you die.
    Segregation of ethnic groups, I believe is racist and I’m racist..
    And in my area of California Mexican Americans seem to always be killing other Mexican American. Incredibly stupid.. Kill someone who has a bunch of money and take their money… duh!!

  • lowlb

    Oh ya.. GO CAIN!!

  • MikeMc1983

    I’ll start off by saying that I’ve lived in SoCal my entire life. As a kid I grew up in one of the poorest, violent, and drug infested parts. To now being in a much “nicer” area. There are very few places as diverse as SoCal and because that there are racial conflicts all the time. In many places people don’t see.

    There’s a lot of phycology on this topic as well. Understand that it’s almost all theory, but nonetheless relevant.
    Im sure I’ll get attacked for this but it’s true. I’ll try to explain well.
    Acually believing in your race dominating or prevailing over others is much more logical than having pride in your race. I don’t believe that anyone’s race should be superior, but the act of having pride in your race shows that you don’t believe yours is up to par. When you have “pride” in something it’s because there has been an accomplishment. Generally meaning you have rose above some deficit and progressed. If you have it in your mind to truely have pride in your race, then your acually admitting having started off as defunct in some area. At least the moronic “supremacist” (my opinion) believe they should prevail because they are superior.

    A little story. My friends and I decided to check out a UFC showing in a theatre. We went to Cain vs. Brock. When Brock came out like a freight train the room was pretty quiet. However we learned the audience was largely Mexican when Cain took control in the fight. In between the chants of Mexico we could hear a few people yelling to “kill that white boy.”. Even though I grew up in a majority Mexican area I was a bit surprised. 2 of the 6 of my friends were Mexican. On the ride to the club afterwards we talked about that whole episode. I told my friends that the whole. Chanting thing made me feel really odd. I liked both Cain and Brock, but hispanics chanting like that made me feel like I was supposed to root for Brock simply because we share the same race. The Mexican guys with me thought all the yelling was kinda cool until we talked later. The problem with openly disscussing having pride, or power in your race, in itself makes other races feel that they should be doing the same thing. If you wish for others to succeed based upon their race, then you are wishing their opponent to fail based upon his by default. That is racism without it really being your intent. It’s also why as long as as we look different, we’ll be treated differently. Way too many people do it. To a point where it’s natural. 🙁

  • Imalwaysright

    So many comment, so many overopinionated individuals, he has the right to display that tattoo, just like black guy has the right to have a black pride tattoo and a white guy a white pride tattoo, if your scared to display pride in who you are it is due to your own sense of insecurity in who you are. Stop trying to make something as stupid as a tattoo into something racist. Go buy yourself some midol, wash out you vagina because the sand in it is making you cranky and put on a tampon. PLEASE

  • ernesto chavez

    Everyone should be proud of their origins, including Mr. Velasquez.

    Mr. Brock Lesner is rightfully proud of his heritage and he expresses that via a Viking sword tatted on his chest. He also refers to himself as Jacked White Boy or words to that effect. Good for Lesner and more power to him. I support his ethnic pride.

    I also applaud Mr. Connor McGregor’s (sic) constant reference to his Irish roots and pride therein. Don’t forget the proud Samoan, Mr. Mark Hunt and the very proud Brazilian fighters like Mr. Junior Dos Santos. Every person is proud of their roots and so it should be.

    Ethnic pride is good for all. The most important thing is the character of any man or woman. For example, Mr. Dana White is a bad person while Mr. Randy Couter is a better person all because of their character. Simple: Ying-Yang; right-wrong; good-bad…