UFC on Fox 9: Road to the Octagon (Full Video)

December 8, 2013
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UFC on Fox 9 Road to the OctagonUFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and challenger Joseph Benavidez brace for their title rematch, while Urijah Faber, Michael McDonald, Carlos Condit and Matt Brown also prepare for their upcoming battles.

Take a behind the scenes look at all six men as they walk the UFC on Fox 9: Road to the Octagon.

Courtesy of UFC.com

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  • cheatedfans

    ufc needs to give some better fights other than condit brown fight there nothing worth what fox paid the ufc. where are hvyw,lghtw or the 185legit contenders? went from cain vs dos santo to this.mabe they will be a decent basketball game on espn. bad judges weak cards whats happen to ufc?

    • think for a second

      Cheatedfans? Hardly. Nobody has to pay to see this, it’s a gift. Not a Ferrari for your 16th birthday kind of gift, but a gift nonetheless. Also, never forget Dana learned alot of lessons from Vince McMahon on how to build his ppv empire. For example, WWE or UFC will put matches on tv for free, but the ones you really want to see are always going to be on PPV.