UFC on FOX 7 Highlights Video: Josh Thomson vs. Nate Diaz

April 21, 2013
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Josh Thomson StrikeforceCheck out the UFC on FOX 7 highlights video between lightweights Josh Thomson and Nate Diaz on April 20 from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

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    Great win for Josh over son of Satan the Diaz

  • Where are all of the Diaz apologists now? Come in and talk s*** now that your boy gets his ass KO’d.

    • jeremy

      what are you 2 years old? lol wow grow up.. Great win by Josh..

      • smoger

        haha, and the funniest thing is, Diaz was never out! It must be nice for all the haters to get there moment, but sad that they have to lie to themselves to really feel their pathetic sense of satisfaction.

    • Dave Stiles

      just like a Ian s*** talker….and prob 5’2 short guy lol

    • Triggerman99

      Diaz fan here!
      Good win by Josh. He was simply too fast for Diaz and kept him guessing, which ultimately led to Diaz not seeing that kick coming. I don’t care how tough Diaz is, he can’t take a flush head kick like that.
      Oh, I’m sorry……did I screw up your little ridiculous theory that you’re trying to push that Diaz fans are simply fairweather fans who hide when things don’t go our way? Oh well. When you’re the type of person who would rather talk s**t about a guy who just lost than actually post an intelligent comment, you probably shouldn’t be surprised when you’re wrong.


    Josh represented Good and Diaz was evil. Thanks Josh,


    Nate should whack off his crank and challenge fallon Fox.


    That was one of the few times I have ever seen Josh actually healthy for a fight without excuses.


    Nick Diaz is a low life loser