UFC on Fox 6 Results: Anthony Pettis States His Case for Title Shot, Crushing the Cowboy

January 26, 2013

Anthony Pettis vs Donald CerroneAnthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone stepped into the Octagon at UFC on Fox 6 at the United Center in Chicago on Saturday night, the winner searching for a title shot.

It was Pettis that came out on top, and in such impressive fashion that he may just get that title shot.

The first couple of minutes were spent in a bit of a feeling out process, Cerrone taking the fight to Pettis. The former WEC champion’s timing, however, seemed much more dialed in than Cerrone’s, as he countered everything thrown at him with surgical precision.

Pettis then began to take over, landing kicks and knees to the body, backing Cerrone up. Then he found the button, landing a Bas Rutten special – that would be a kick to the liver – that dropped Cerrone to his hands and knees.

Pettis followed Cerrone to the mat, finishing him off with a couple of punches for good measure, but for all intents and purposes the fight was already over.

“Donald called me out, he shouldn’t have done that,” Pettis stated after the fight. “He called me scared. I’m not scared. I want that belt ASAP.”

That was after he asked the question that begged to be asked following his destruction of one of the other top lightweight contenders to the title currently wrapped around Benson Henderson’s waist – which happens to be the waist of a man he has defeated in the past.

“Dana White, what do I have to do for a title shot?”

More than likely Anthony, you just did it.

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  1. wow,that was quick. Good job by Pettis. Showed us a another cage kick. Great event so far. Hope that Johnson vs dodson delivers :).

  2. Some of the stuff Pettis does in the cage is wild!

  3. Well Pettis does it again….I would have to say that he his Ben Henderson’s curse….Ben….Just like WEC…I’m comming again to beat your ass…right on…good storyline

  4. Rampage had more energy then his last fight but still came up short in my mind……good action but not enough from Rampage….His last appearance in the UFC so bye bye

  5. As for Mighty Mouse……he lost the second round for sure, maybe the first but won the last 3 based on energy, the Muay Thai clinch, the knees, endurance and pressure…can’t ask for more…great champion

  6. Pettis should get the next title shot. Melendez can wait.

    • Agreed. We don’t need to waste a fight watching Melendez getting crushed just so we can wait to see the fight we really want.

  7. “It was Pettis that came out on top, and in such impressive fashion that he may just get that title shot.” May??? I’m one of those people supporting the Henderson/Gil fight, but Pettis “may” get a title shot??? I would say he WILL face the winner of that fight…no way in hell he does not at this point. Just my opinion…

  8. Cancel Melendez v. Henderson, and schedule Pettis. Pettis got screwed once like that, so this should make it up to him. He has really earned this from that loss with Guida.

  9. let melendez and bendo have at it just to see if melendez really is overrated. And let pettis challange one of the most elite wrestlers; maynard, to see if he learned from his last loss.