UFC on Fox 5 Henderson vs. Diaz Main Card Fighters Weigh-ins (Video)

December 7, 2012
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Check out the UFC on Fox 5 main fight competitors as they step on the scale Friday in Seattle.

Benson Henderson, Nate Diaz, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Alexander Gustafsson, BJ Penn, Rory MacDonald, Mike Swick and Matt Brown are all good to go for Saturday night’s fights on Fox, even though things got a little heated on Friday, and Diaz had to weigh in again after the official weigh-in.

  • dgs

    I love the Diaz brothers! Did you see how Nick was in the background when they were squaring off, and he looked ready to go. Classic!

    You know, love or hate those kids, they bring it EVERY time they fight and are one of the few fighters who can back up their sh!t talking when they get in the ring. I always enjoy watching those two fight because they are always in exciting fights.

    • They also bring the drugs, they should be banned from the UFC. wanna be thugs

      • adam1848

        sorry, when did Nate test positive for drugs? must have missed that one. or i guess you think he should be banned because of his brothers actions, which are legal in their home state? get over it, the guy is a great fighter.

        • Weed is not legal to just smoke. they dont have a perscription.And even if they did, its not legal to do in the ufc so its breaking the rules. Also how about when the 2 of them jumped maham miller? They are punks, wanna be thugs and have no respect for what mixed martial arts really is.

          • adam1848

            Actually, Nick does have a prescription…that was my point…and I’ve never heard of Nate testing positive. Nick deserved his suspension, and hopefully he will train smarter in the future. And I completely agree, the Miller incident was an embarrassment for everyone involved and the sport. Its fine to hate them, I get that. And I also understand that they don’t embody some the principles of martial arts that many people admire. But calling them ‘wanna be thugs’ constantly and saying they should be banned from the sport is just unnecessary, in my opinion. Those Diaz boys come to fight every time, they are well rounded and always in shape, and they put on a show…I’ll pay to see them fight any day. No one says you have to.

      • dd

        chris radloff lol ..so stupid

  • i thought there was a 1lb over limit so why are they making a big deal about .2lbs

    • dd

      usually but i dunno why its different this time..maybe cuz its a title fight

      • chuker

        Title fights have to be right on weight.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Title fights have to be exact weight or less, no 1lbs adv., though I dont think Nate knew that, neither did Nick, by the looks of it, when Nate stepped off the scale, Dana went over and told Nate, you are .6lbs over the limit a d Nate was like …… WTF? Then Nick came over and I guess Nate told him, he was a little over weight. You’d think that these guys would know these little, yet very critical details, especially Nick since he had to do it for the Condit fight. BJ, I hope you get fuct up. And either retire or FIGHT @ LW. Either or I’m cool with! Is it just me or does Rua look a lot smaller than Gustaffson?!? I like Rua, but want Gustaffson to win, so we can see how he does vs Jones.

  • MMAmonkey

    You have to laugh at Nick flexing those tiny little muscles. The guy is a total punk.

  • Nate and nick are annoying

    • Scotty_O

      Zip it Sammy Joe no one likes you!

      • Lick balls Scotty ho must be a Diaz fan

        • Scotty_O

          Sammy I could make the same “ho” joke with your name, work harder man, you can do better.