UFC on Fox 5 Goes Big: Henderson vs. Diaz, Shogun vs. Gustafsson, and Penn vs. MacDonald

August 15, 2012
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Benson Henderson vs Nate Diaz - UFC on Fox 5The Dec. 8 date for UFC on Fox 5, the promotion’s final event of the year on “Big Fox,” has been known for quite some time, but now the rumor mill has come together to form the top end of the fight card.

Leading the charge is the newly minted UFC lightweight championship with Benson Henderson putting his belt on the line for the second time, as he squares off with No. 1 contender Nate Diaz in the UFC on Fox 5 main event, according to MMAWeekly.com sources verifying the bout.

UFC president Dana White on Saturday night confirmed that Diaz was granted the next shot after Henderson defeated Frankie Edgar at UFC 150 in Denver.

It marks the first time since the initial UFC on Fox offering that a title fight has graced a fight card on the network. Junior dos Santos captured the heavyweight title from Cain Velasquez on the first UFC on Fox fight card in November 2011.

The UFC isn’t stopping there, however, putting together its most stacked Fox fight card to date.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua came within a whisper of a return shot at the UFC light heavyweight championship after defeating Brandon Vera at UFC on Fox 4. He will instead take on the top rising 205-pound star in Alexander Gustafsson at UFC on Fox 5.

Adding to an already top heavy card, the aborted UFC 152 bout between BJ Penn and Rory MacDonald also graces the UFC on Fox 5 fight card. Their bout was shelved for the Sept. 22 Toronto fight card when MacDonald had to drop out due to an injury.

Penn came out of retirement for the fight and has repeatedly said that he wouldn’t take just any old fight to step back in the Octagon. So the two have agreed to keep the fight together and help the UFC try to make a splash on its year-ending Fox card.

The star-powered UFC on Fox 5 fight card as first reported by USA Today Sports and MMAJunkie.com.

No location or venue has yet to be announced for UFC on Fox 5.

For more UFC on Fox 5 bouts and information, stay tuned to MMAWeekly.com’s UFC and MMA Rumors Page.

  • RonnieV

    Great Card! Everyone please stay healthy!

  • bradwesley

    This would be an awesome PPV card, glad its free.

  • 78Frantic

    Probebly the best card this year!

  • Better card then some of the PPVs they have had recently, Nice.

    Oh and how is over 6 months a newly minted champ?

    • smill0313

      He said “newly minted championSHIP” because this title bout wasnt set until last Saturday.

  • jasondecipher

    Capturing the title is one thing defending it is another

    • shakejunt

      and ben has done both

  • me vs you

    can’t wait…
    nate’s gonna wipe the floor with henderson, especially if the “champion” fights the way that he did against frankie.

    • gnodeb

      I could be wrong, but Ben looks twice as string as Nate and it looks like he can absorb a lot of damage. It’s traditionally bad match-up for Diaz brothers. Ban can steal this by simply keeping Diaz on his ass and avoiding submissions…

      • me vs you

        i repeat…wipe the floor.
        i’ll step out on a limb and say it, nate by submission or tko in the 2nd.

        and twice as strong? come on, we’ve all watched nate shrug off opponents that were supposed to be stronger and bigger. in most situations, big muscles do not necessarily equate to strength. and they just take more oxygen to do work than lean muscle…sports 101.

  • julianmoran

    I like Shogun vs Gustafsson.

    This is the type of fights that they should be making, vs making fights that translate into creating more buzz/hype/money.

    These fights keep the sport legit and the fans happy.

  • stevemcz11

    too bad its not edgar diaz in d main event. i dont think i can watch henderson lose another five rounder jst to hav blind judges giv him the win. i hope diaz wins but hendersons style of gettin hit more often dan he hits back is a winner in judges eyes

    • shakejunt

      boo hoo, stop being all butt-hurt that fwankie didn’t get gifted another one

  • smill0313

    Man, this is a great end of year card. I think Bendo takes it 3-2 after 5 rounds, but will be an exciting fight. Will also be great to see Penn back in the cage, win or lose. I think the fight of te nigh will be Rua – Gustavson,who is gonna have some of the wind taken out of his hype sails after this one. I agree with other posts, this card is better than several PPV cards from this year.

  • lycan

    God help these fighters to stay healthy

  • Man these FREE cards are getting better and better each time. Let’s hope every stays injury free for this one.

  • bdono554

    Henderson’s not an idiot so he’s not going to just stand in front of Diaz so he’ll completely shut Diaz out. Shogun is DONE!!! He’s gotten lazy and I won’t be surprised at all if he collects a few more pay checks and retires.

  • caiohflemos

    If anything happens to Shogun or Gustafsson, Glover Teixeira can be a good replacement since he’s probably going to beat Rampage in October…
    And it’s an excellent fight to make him ‘famous’.

    • shakejunt

      i like gus vs glover but it should probably happen after they each win their respective fights so it can set up a #1 contender match seeing as machida gets next shot

  • Finally the UFC decides to get serious about Fox. I dont think this will beat the Dos Santos vs Velasquez viewership record, but it should get some big ratings.

  • DrkDisciple

    Wish they put on a similar quality card for Montreal.

    • Now, when you say “Montreal”, do you really wish the St-Pierre-Condit card was better than it looks right now or do you mean the post-injury-plague version of Faber-Barao card? I mean, none for nothing, and know that I’m aware of the fact that UFC 154 isn’t already looking like the type of card you’d expect from an event that has St-Pierre vs. Condit as the headliner, but for what it is, the card doesn’t totally suck.

  • felix

    This card is better than UFC 151. Amazing, cant wait!

    • adam1848

      and much, much better than 149, 150 and 152.

  • KBEsq

    Awesome card. I hope they eventually get rid of PPV all together. I’m spending 100 dollars extra a month most months just to keep up, and I’m probably going to start not buying all the PPVs. I feel like a lot of the fans feel the same way, so this transition to Fox couldn’t be at a better time.

    As far as the fights, Diaz/Bendo is a good fight. I agree with the comments that Diaz may have some problems because Bendo is a big, strong LW who can give Diaz the same type of fight MacDonald/Jung gave him. Diaz needs to be prepare for that. Right now, I see a decision going to Bendo. Gustaffson over Shogun all day, and MacDonald over Penn.

    • felix

      We in Latin America have it live for free in fox sport.

    • Sports bars and pubs, amigo. They are your friend. Make sure they are airing the stuff though…and for the love of whatever you believe in, say NO to XBox Live if one of your homies asks you if you wanna watch it on XBox Live…damn near missed 148 because of that. It’s the last one I actually paid for. Worth it though, cuz the main and co-main didn’t suck.

      Only paid for two UFC PPVs in my lifetime: 148 and 132. Both IMO delivered regardless of what the buyrates n other s*** said.

      • felix

        Personally I preffer to watch those at home. Too much noise, distractions. Friends, girlfriend and people.

        • KBEsq

          Thanks, Felix and Dalede. Yeah, I’ve heard that people in Latin America get it for free. I’m totally jealous of that.

          Yeah, I’m aware that they show it in bars, BUT I can’t do that because my wife hates fighting and she goes out when I watch it, leaving me with my 20 month old son.

          I probably wouldn’t win parent of the year trying to bring my baby boy into a Hooters or something.

  • liver000

    gustafsson should of fought shogun before not vera don’t know why it went that way gustafsson easy win over shogun for sure for dat

  • longtime fan

    you all are crazy. shogun will win against gustafsson. hes good but shogun is better. he will prove you all wrong.

    • shakejunt

      shogun sure proved how much better he is by gassing after round 1 and making brandon vera look like he belongs in the cage with an ex champ

      • longtime fan

        actually vera has beat frank mir and got robbed against randy couture. Vera has looked bad against nobodys but he has also looked really good against big names. so if thats what your basing that on then your wrong. Shogun did gas a bit but he won against a good vera that night. It is hard to stop shogun. jon jones did it, but he hurt him early and we all know about jon jones. shogun was gassed against henderson but still won the last two rounds.

  • mikemma123

    Just stay heathly. Might be the card of the year. But we see in December.

  • This is such a stacked card, I can’t wait for it. I am hoping no one gets injured between now and then. All the fights are equally interesting and we get a title fight. Gotta give Henderson credit for taking the fight so quickly. Can’t say the same thing about Anderson Silva at this point.


  • Jhogo

    Great card. Shogun, Bendo-Diaz already less than 4 months away. BJ returns, and all for free? Can’t get any better than that. Don’t see why it can’t surpass the JDS-Velasquez Fox card.

  • iggie1961

    I love you Dana …a fans best friend……..signed Goo Goo Muck