UFC on Fox 3 Results: Nate Diaz Steam Rolls Jim Miller; Proclaims Teammate True No. 1 Lightweight

May 5, 2012
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Nate Diaz UFC 125
Since returning to the lightweight division in 2011, Nate Diaz hasn’t just been reborn. He’s become the Terminator.

A mixed bag of results happened with Diaz both at lightweight and during his brief stint at welterweight, but over his last few fights, the Stockton, Calif. native has come into his own.

Once known simply as the little brother of UFC welterweight Nick Diaz, Nate has now blazed a path of his own, and he burned a fiery trail through New Jersey on Saturday night as he put away native son Jim Miller in his most impressive performance to date.

Coming into the fight, Diaz admitted it was hard to be motivated to face Miller, who was a nice guy and a very respectful martial artist. He obviously found a way however because Diaz was at his best during his UFC on Fox 3 bout against Miller, where he dominated every aspect of the fight.

It wasn’t even the typical Diaz style fight because he wasn’t able to walk Miller down with jabs and trap him against the cage, but he did blast away at his fellow lightweight with good strikes, and showed off his power as he avoided takedowns every time they were attempted.

Miller tried as best he could to put pressure on Diaz and stay away from his length, but with every step forward Diaz made him take two steps back with punishing blows each and every time.

The second round saw Miller finally try to scramble for a takedown, but that was ultimately his undoing. Diaz was able to get an arm under Miller’s chin and secure a power guillotine choke.

Diaz, who just recently received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under trainer Cesar Gracie, showed off his grappling chops as he locked up the maneuver and no matter where Miller rolled, he wasn’t getting away.

With the choke locked up tight, Miller had no choice but to give into the submission, handing Diaz his third win in a row.

Following what has to be considered the biggest win of his career, a humble Nate Diaz didn’t talk about title shots, or who he wanted next. He touted his good friend and teammate as the true top 155lb fighter in the world.

“I’m trying to be No. 1 in this world,” said Diaz. “There’s only one person above all of us and that’s Gilbert ‘El Nino’ Melendez, the true world champion lightweight. He’s fighting in two weeks against Josh Thomson.”

Melendez, who has been a teammate of Diaz’s for several years, has continued to battle for his place as the top lightweight in the world despite not fighting in the UFC. If Diaz’s proclamation means it anything, it certainly helped boost the upcoming Strikeforce card that Melendez fights on in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Jim Miller deals with a defeat, but more specifically the first time he’s ever been finished in his 20+ career fights. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but humility has never been a problem for the hard working Miller family.

“He had my number,” said Miller. “Nate is a tough fight.”

While a guaranteed shot at the title seemed set in stone for Diaz, the problem that arises with that is the timeline in which it could conceivably happen. With champion Benson Henderson not scheduled to face former champion Frankie Edgar until September most likely, Diaz would have to sit out the majority of the rest of the year if he was going to wait for a title shot.

What’s more likely to happen is Diaz will rest and recover and then face former WEC champion Anthony Pettis later this year to determine the true No. 1 contender in the UFC lightweight division.

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  • BlackDog2009

    Beautiful performance by Nate Diaz. Perfect. The Diaz bros are true badasses. Huge fan here.

  • GiovanniB

    Wow, great fight! And yeah, too bad Dana gave Frankie “the bitching” Edgar a rematch against Bendo. Now we have to wait until September for the bitch to get bitch slapped again in order for us to be able to see a different title fight with better opponents for Bendo. Thanks Dana for giving into Frankie’s bitching! I bet Frankie’s management paid the UFC to get this one.

    Anyway, Diaz vs Pettis will be a good keep the momentum fight for Diaz before he fights for the title. I don’t see Pettis being able to do much against Diaz when and if they do fight.

    • rsnowbass

      Well…I won’t say you’re wrong on two counts…I just strongly disagree two of your points here.

      “Frankie the Bitching Edgar.” Really? Show at least a little respect for the guy.

      Let’s look at the facts…he’s the underdog no matter what, has to immediately re-match BJ Penn, then has to immediately re-match Maynard and when he finally earns his respect as CHAMP, and considering the weight he walks around at, he loses to Benson in a razor close fight.

      Then you say he’s bitching because he wants a immediate rematch?…exactly what Maynard and Penn got. What right is right…I’d say Edgar has earned it and deserves it, especially with the exciting fights he puts on.

      My .02

      “I don’t see Pettis being able to do much against Diaz when and if they do fight.” Which Anthony Pettis are you watching? This would be a GREAT fight. Pettis is more explosive than Diaz and faster. Not saying that he’d beat Diaz, but I am saying that I think this fight has fireworks written all over it.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that, but I have to disagree here on all counts.

  • sc_f0e989a8a1b8a986f2f5f33065393a41

    I’m Carently at the movies on date night with my wife I bet $200 bucks on this fight that I never even had plans to watch. That’s the faith I have in Cesar Gracie and the Diaz’s brothers.

    • phrankthetank

      Because watching the fight would make a difference in the outcome?

  • DrkDisciple

    Not so ar back people on this site posted that Miller was better then Gilbert Melendez……lolllllll x 1,000,000 Go Diazzzzzzz

    • RubeKegal

      yeah Diaz beat Miller not Melendez….dont know what that proves.

  • You know what why doesn’t Pettis fight Rory Macdonald and then we’ll see! Mr Thomas

    He beat Lauzon and Stephens. Diaz beat Gomi, Cerrone and Miller now. So Pettis fights Diaz? How do you figure?

    • RubeKegal

      Gomi sucks…I’d like to see fight w Pettis and Diaz for sure.

    • Guy In The Know

      Because they are in different weight divisions……thats why

    • rsnowbass

      “He beat Lauzon and Stevens”

      Question? How do you leave out the fact that he’s also beat the reigning UFC Lightweight Champ Ben Henderson?

  • LongDongSilver

    Just do pull the retirement garbage if the judges rob you.

  • phrankthetank

    That was a phenomenal performance from Nate. Props to him.

  • zacharydetal

    It’s going to be a long time before we see Nate Diaz fight again considering the championship fight is still a ways away. I agree that was a phenomenal performance. This card was much better than UFC 145.