UFC on Fox 3 Results: Lavar Johnson Upsets Pat Barry with TKO Win

It didn’t take long for the big boys at UFC on Fox 3 – Lavar “Big” Johnson and Pat “HD” Barry – to get to work.  On this night, it was Johnson earning a first round TKO victory in New Jersey.

When the opening bell rang, Barry started working his patented leg kicks on Johnson, but Johnson made it clear he didn’t want to stay on the outside.  Johnson immediately pushed forward and clinched with Barry against the fence, throwing heavy leather.

Barry broke out of the clinch and surprisingly shot for a takedown. Johnson stuffed it, but lost position, Barry moving from full mount to side control.  Barry had the advantage grappling, but Johnson got an underhook and worked back to his feet.

Johnson felt another leg kick, but then fired off a kick of his own that backed Barry up against the fence.  From there, Johnson pressured Barry against the cage with a barrage of punches. This time Barry went down and looked out against the cage, as Johnson was awarded the TKO victory at the 4:38 mark.

With the win over Barry, Johnson moves his UFC record to an impressive 2-0 with both of his fights being finished in the first round.

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  1. Lavar is a big black guy who can knock ANYBODY out!

    Pay Barry was basically a punching bag.

    • Appreciate the racism, hope you get a kidney stone for your douchiness.

      • What racism?

        If I would have said the “N” word that would’ve been racist.

        I was simply stating a fact. You clearly got the wrong impression by my comment. I love Lavar. The guy is a destroyer!

        I find it silly how you label me a douche, yet you’re the one wishing someone you don’t know bad fortune. Smart guy 🙂

        • You said “Lavar is a big black guy”. Why do you have to throw in the word black? Incredibly racist. His skin color should have nothing to do with how he fights.

          Yes I am a genius and your kidney stone is coming soon racist.

          • Dumb

          • He also said that the guy was big isn’t that “sizest”. Racism isn’t just about mentioning a colour!

            I love how different forms of segregation are treated different. Lanky, Ginger, Bald, Fat these are all OK but do not mention colour ahhh 😉

          • I want to agree with Mendel since I am completely against censorship, taboos and political correctness – yet in this case, mentioning the guy is black was pointless and just sounds silly. Size is relevant to the statement and color is not. Besides, he looks a shade of brown to me.

          • Don’t feed the trolls guys

      • I thought racism meant when you think you are superior to someone by virtue of your race.

        When did racism start meaning any time you refer to someone and reference their color. That’s not even close to racism. People need to really take a step back with the word racism and stop using it unless it’s truly present.

        I also noticed below you say that just saying black is “incredibly” racist. That statement boggles my mind. You have no idea what racism is.

        If I said Brock Lesnar is a big white guy who can…[fill in the blank], would anyone accuse me of racism? NO!

  2. *Pat


  3. Yes racism is about color. By definition.
    Until people stop mentioning, seeing and talking about color racism will be alive and thriving in the US.
    Johnson is a big man that beat a man that had potential and is now a gate keeper.

  4. My comment above really wasn’t meant to offend anyone. Like I said, I’m a fan of the guy. He’s a TANK! I was really just stating the obvious, without any ill meaning.

    My apologies if anyone was offended by my comment.

    • You really shouldn’t have to apologize. Only an idiot (who is probably white) would think just saying the word “black” is racist.

  5. Is it me or did this guy not impress me not one bit? Yes he has power but come on….his punches were very wild and his chin was STRAIGHT UP in the air the entire time, no head movement at ALL. No offense to Barry but hes not the most disciplined fighter there is. Quit hyping this guy so much please.

    • agreed, at Barry’s height he should cut to 145

    • Yeah, I have no idea how many times he has to lose before the UFC gives him his walking papers. It just shows that if you are a stand up fighter who puts on entertaining fights, the UFC will give you a lot of chances.

  6. Why do they call Pat Barry “HD”? Because when he gets knocked out, it’s only the highest definition!!

  7. Why Pat’s fighting at heavyweight makes no sense. He could easily drop to 205, or 185, even 170 if he was disciplined enough. He has a lot of potential, but needs to switch his mindset to champion mode. If he applied himself like Pierre, he would be a scary dude in any lighter weight class no doubt. Lavar’s decent, but compared to the other top guys, I’m not too convinced he’s a potential threat.

    • Pat Barry at 170?

      Be realistic..

  8. Pat Berry is an Attention Whore, thank god he got KTFO