UFC on Fox 3 Results: Following Split Decision Win Over Koscheck, Hendricks Wants Title Shot

May 5, 2012
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Johny Hendricks at UFC 141In the co-main event of UFC on Fox 3, two former four-time All-American wrestlers went to war, as Johny Hendricks took on former no. 1 contender Josh Koscheck.  After a hard, grueling fight, Hendricks was awarded the split decision over the veteran.

Round one saw Koscheck opening with a front kick to the mid section of Hendricks.  Koscheck got the better of the strikes early against Hendricks, who winced in pain in his right eye.  Hendricks went for a takedown against the fence and had Koscheck down, but couldn’t get him flat on his back. Koscheck easily scrambled back to his feet.  For the duration of round one, Hendricks got the better of Koscheck using his patented left hand.

Koscheck got taken down briefly against the fence again in round two, but scrambled back to his feet.   Hendricks got the better of the strikes once again and Koscheck’s right eye appeared damaged, starting to swell up. Hendricks landed with a lead uppercut. To Koscheck’s credit, he put Hendricks against the fence and landed a sweeping elbow just as they broke apart.  Hendricks kept getting the better of the punches, however, and the round closed with Hendricks attempting another takedown.

The third round started with Koscheck going for a takedown, but they end up on the fence. The referee separated them again, and Koscheck tries to back up Hendricks with a right hand, but Hendricks would have none of it and started swinging for the fences.  From there, Hendricks landed  a solid knee, but Koscheck landed a clean takedown, putting Hendricks on his back.  For the duration of the round, Hendricks worked from half guard to get back to his feet, but Koscheck stayed busy grounding and pounding him.

The judges scored the bout (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) for the winner, Johny Hendricks. Hendricks was surprised that Koscheck never really went down at all during the fight, but at the end of the day, Hendricks admires Koscheck’s ability to march forward.

“That’s one tough dude man,” Hendricks said post-fight.  “I hit him with everything  I got and I did everything I could.  Hats off to goes to that dude, man; he’s a real fighter.”

Now with victories over former no.1 welterweight contenders Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck, Hendricks believes he is next in line for a shot at the title.

“Give me that that title baby, I want to bring it home to Texas.”

  • Mario

    The decision was right. Hendricks won.

    Koscheck should retire.

    • DrkDisciple

      I dont like Kos but if you claim she should retire then Hendriks isnt much of a fighter if he only managed to win by split decision. Kos would be a good test for Rory Mcdonald who I believe will be the next big thing at 170.

      • RubeKegal

        The reason for retiring is his overall health….a broken orbital bone is something you never come back from 100%. GSP broke it, even Hughes had Kos blinking bad and Johny lands 1 left and it swells up.

        Giving Kos to Rory McDonald is a terrible idea….what are you thinking seriously? No offense but you have the worst ideas when I read your posts on here. Rory is on a tear and Kos just lost, it’s a terrible matchup. Rory/Hendricks or Rory/Ellenberger would make the most sense right now.

        • MrAdidas

          YESSUM Rory Vs Hendricks, so Hendricks can get his ass whooped! (IMO)

        • DrkDisciple

          I like your matchups better then mine. However that doesnt seem to be the way the UFC see`s it. Since being a few seconds away from beating The Natural Born Runner the UFC has not given Rory any fights with top 20 guys. Kos (if he was healthy) would be a stepup compared to what he got to fight so far. As far As what I would want to see well your two matchups even Fitch vs Rory would be a good one!

          • RubeKegal

            of course my matchups make more sense, I have double the brain capacity you do. Ever since Nick “The Triathalon Queer” Diaz lost to Condit, he has been doing nothing but puffin doobers.

        • DrkDisciple

          You call Nick Diaz a queer? loll you are a funny man and no doubt you know plenty about queers ..actually I think you are an expert in that field.Pretty easy to talk shit over a keyboard but then again Boy George types like you are experts at that …As far as your predictions go that must give you credit it takes a very special person to predict fight after they happened…

          • RubeKegal

            Nick is a queer, it’s fact. He used to hook up with a former training partner. I predicted fights before they happened and the comp had the rotating refresh logo for 9 hours which is why it came up late.

            Drk, were you one of the queers that Nick made out with?

        • DrkDisciple

          Nah I am no queer and neither is Nick…your chances of meeting us at your gay pride parade are none existant. By the way I think you made a mistake when you wrote “double the brain capacity”….I think you meant to say the width of your anus is double capacity and that I have no doubt is true. By the way you should consider changing your username in honor of your hero “The Natural Born Runner”…you can be the “Natural Born Queer” not just a username but more a way of life in your case.
          Also that statement about a former training partner was rather funny…I doubt you trained a day in your life.

          • RubeKegal

            I know you are as queer as a 3 dollar bill. Your posts wreak of homosexuality, and Carlos Condit beat Nick Diaz’s ass and you are upset.

            Nick “The Triathalon Queer” Diaz can’t handle the big boys plain and simple and your anus leaked a little when Condit won the decision.

            You should really have your head examined because you are a dumb gay man.

        • DrkDisciple

          Rube you proved your point…then again all your posting prove the point…you are “The Natural Born Queer”

          • RubeKegal

            Drk is “Diaz Bros Anal Magnet”

  • Towers66

    Koscheck is still game and his performance was excellent. I don’t think he should retire yet, he still has enough time and ability to put together one more title run. It was an excellent fight.

  • RubeKegal

    Yeah I don’t know….Broken orbital bone is something you never truly recover from….even though he beat Hughes, Hughes had him blinking like crazy and Johny had him doing the same.

    I don’t think he’ll retire because the money is prob there, but at the end of the day, this is the type of business to get in and get out and do your damage without pulling the Ken Shamrock(Stay around way too late)…Kos has done plenty of damage in his time but how many 3 round wars can a man take?

    With Gary Goodridge coming down with Pugilistic Dementia and Liddell talking the way he is now, I’d like to see more fighters quit sooner. Plus Kos will never be anything more than a gatekeeper. You have Kampmann, Condit, Ellenberger, Hendricks and several others ahead of him. Too many guys ahead of Kos on radar for him to get near a title shot.

    • rsnowbass

      First great point Ive seen from you without a personal insult…I’m proud of you! making progress say Dr. Snowbass. It’s apparent you know your MMA, just need to mature some…

      Journalism 101 = more credibility… I’m not going to define this for you…

      • RubeKegal

        rsnowbass, thank you………btw my nipples are itchy.

        • rsnowbass

          MINE TOO! Must be the peanut butter…

  • GiovanniB

    Great fight, but as far as a title shot for Hendricks goes, I’d say he’s still not ready. Since there’s the time constraint issue with Condit vs St. Pierre, I’d say give Hendricks the winner of Ellenberger vs Kampman and then determine a true # 1 contender. Seriously, Ellenberger is not ready for a title shot neither is Kampman. Therefore, one more fight for each should determine the # 1 contender – which in this case the one more fight for Hendricks should be the winner of Ellenberger vs Kampman.

    Kosh should try to move up to middle weight or fight at lightweight or something.

  • MaritalArtist

    I like that idea. No sense putting Hendricks on the shelf till feb-march or whatever. If you have him fight the ellenberger-kampmann winner, you tie him over till next year. But what about rory? He is just as good. Since neither were injured much, why not have them fight (rory and johny), and the winner can take on the ellenberger-kampmann winner for a true WW contender?

    • adam1848