UFC on Fox 3 Fighter Bonuses: Nate Diaz Wins Title Shot and $65,000

May 5, 2012
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The fighters at UFC on Fox 3 at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, N.J., surely made the UFC brass’ job of handing out post-fight awards and bonuses fun, but difficult on Saturday night.

There were several exciting battles, and numerous finishes to choose from, but in the end, UFC president Dana White and staff nailed it down, issuing $65,000 fighter bonuses to four fighters.

Not only did Nate Diaz secure a title shot with his guillotine choke finish of Jim Miller, he also captured the UFC on Fox 3 Submission of the Night honors. The finish was the first time in Miller’s career that anyone was able to submit him.

Although there were a couple fights to choose from, it was no surprise that Knockout of the Night honors went to one of the big men. Lavar Johnson, despite taking some heavy hits from Pat Barry, turned the tide late in the fight, opening up a relentless onslaught of punches that finished Barry, and secured a $65,000 bonus.

The flyweight division had been one of the most highly anticipated additions to the UFC’s weight classes in years, and Saturday night’s fights proved why, particularly the fight between Louis Gaudinot and John Lineker.

Gaudinot and Lineker went head-on at each other, non-stop for 9:54, until Gaudinot finally secured a fight-ending guillotine choke.

Gaudinot and Lineker each took home an additional $65,000 for winning UFC on Fox 3 Fight of the Night honors.

The UFC awarded a total of $260,000 in official post-fight bonuses.

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  • adam1848

    I think setting up a #2 contender fight (Frankie Edgar is the #1 contender) this far in advance is absurd, and I have no explanation whatsoever for why Dana would want to put the two fighters with the most exciting win streaks in MMA at the moment, Nate Diaz and Carlos Condit, on the shelf for at least 6-9 months. And now we are talking about Hendricks waiting until after the GSP / Condit fight before he fights again?! It is crazy that the UFC sets up their pay scale in a way that makes it more desirable for top 5 fighters to sit and collect rust waiting for a big pay day title shot than to keep fighting regularly. Offer Nate and Pettis 1.5% of PPV revenue to fight on the August 11 card and see who turns it down. Offer Hendricks the same to fight the winner of Kampmann v Ellenburger and see if he turns that down. FIghters who are contenders should be fighting at least 3 times a year, unless they get injured…period. Putting Nate Diaz on the shelf until November / December (or later if the winner of Bendo v Edgar gets injured) is straight dumb and benefits no one.

    • bajafox

      You’re only as good as your last fight and there was absolutely nothing exciting about Condits last fight, nothing.

      Nate Diaz on the other hand is about as good as it gets. He goes in to fight and lucky for us, so did Miller.

      • adam1848

        I disagree that “you are only as good as your last fight.” I think that saying disregards the fact that these guys have injuries to contend with, personal lives, off days, bad match ups, and sometimes have to fight just to get the W rather than be exciting because it is best for their career. Condit took a superior striker out of his game and perfectly executed a horribly boring strategy…did that fight piss me off? Yup…but am I going to forget about an amazing comeback TKO of Rory MacDonald, a one punch KO of Dan Hardy, and a sick fight ending flying knee against Stun Gun Kim, because of one boring game plan (against one of the most dangerous, well-rounded fighters in mma) which put him in line for a title shot? Nope.

        • bajafox

          Condit was clearly afraid to engage with Nick. I lost all respect for him. I agree that he was a bada** before Nick, but not anymore. I don’t expect anything from Condit from here on out except running from his opponents.

  • RubeKegal

    ^^Great post