UFC on Fox 2: Rashad Evans, ‘Phil Davis Knows I’m a Better Wrestler’

January 24, 2012
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Rashad Evans and Phil Davis UFC 133
Rashad Evans isn’t above playing head games with an opponent.

In the past he’s gone after fighters like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Jon Jones, using verbal sparring to attack before they ever get the chance to step foot in the Octagon.

Now Evans faces up-and-coming light heavyweight Phil Davis, and again the former champion is having some fun toying with his opponent.

Davis hasn’t fought in nearly a year after suffering a knee injury that forced him out of a scheduled bout with Evans in August 2011, but his pedigree remain the same.

Davis is a former NCAA champion wrestler from Penn State University. It’s no secret that he’s used his wrestling in virtually every fight he’s had in his young career. Meanwhile, Evans himself was a starter for the Michigan State wrestling squad.

It’s no surprise then that Evans is convinced he’s already got Davis doubting himself because the one area Davis is supposed to be better at, he knows he’s not.

“Of course I’m in his head because Phil Davis knows a few things and he knows no matter what, I’m a better wrestler than him. He can win an NCAA championship or whatever, but he knows if I was in that weight class that year he wouldn’t have won anything,” Evans told MMAWeekly Radio.

“When it comes to MMA wrestling, he’s definitely not a better wrestler when it comes to that. That bothers him and it actually makes him a little bit afraid as well.”

Why does it make Davis afraid?

Well, Evans says the fear will creep up in Davis’ mind if the takedowns don’t happen because he just doesn’t have an adequate back-up plan.

“When he gets hit on his feet and he can’t go to his safety zone, which is on the ground, then he starts going into panic mode,” Evans stated.

“When you start going into panic mode, you start thinking about ‘oh my God I’m getting hit, oh my God I’m losing the fight, oh my God there isn’t anywhere in this fight where I can go where I’m safe, let me find a way out of this.’ Then you start looking for your way out.”

The way out is a loss and Evans is more than happy to hand it to him.

On the flipside, what if Davis is able to get Evans down on the mat with one of his takedowns? Again, Evans shows no fear in what danger Davis presents in that area because getting him down is one thing.

Keeping Rashad Evans down is another.

“I’m not worried about getting taken down. I feel pretty comfortable on my back. I feel like there’s really nobody that can hold me down,” Evans said. “I feel like I can get up on anybody, and I have gotten up on almost everybody I go with, so I’m not really worried about being taken down. Cause if he takes me down, he’s going to have to keep taking me down because I’m going to keep getting back up.”

The end result in Evans’ mind is that this fight is just too much, too soon for Phil Davis. One day he may develop into a great champion, but now it’s Evans’ time and he’s not going to let anyone deny him a shot at the UFC light heavyweight title.

To listen to the full interview with Rashad Evans, tune into MMAWeekly Radio on Tuesday afternoon.

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  • MikeMc1983

    “When you start going into panic mode, you start thinking about ‘oh my God I’m getting hit, oh my God I’m losing the fight, oh my God there isn’t anywhere in this fight where I can go where I’m safe, let me find a way out of this.’ Then you start looking for your way out.”

    That is what they call projecting.
    What I’m curious of is if evans is speaking from an experiance that he has already had, or if it’s a feeling he currently has. Is that how Evans feels for this fight, or is it another.

    It’s a bit to detailed for someone to come up with. At least for someone who’s never felt that way…

    • TKD

      Retard Evansd said, “I’m not worried about getting taken down. I feel pretty comfortable on my back.” Yeah, on his back, doggy-style…He is comfortable getting it in any position!

  • Dave

    Davis, PLEASE smash Evans in the face and bloody this jackass.

    • TKD

      I am dying for the same outcome! Evans is way overhyped!

  • I want Davis to win really bad the only down side is then Jon Jones doesnt get to destroy him…. Rashaad is a overhyped Ultimate Fighter contestant.. I am getting sick of some of these guys that the UFC want to be really great and there not…. Forrest Griffin is another….. just saying…..

    • Lesnardo

      Forrest Griffin is no longer a A-list fighter. His win over Shogun kept him in the title contention for several years now. But he got KOed too many times to be in that list anymore.

      I do see Rashad winning the fight just because the two fighters have similar style and Evans is just a bit more polished.

  • themightyvandal

    Comparing Rashad and Davis’ wrestling pedigrees…. Davis was a much more accomplished wrestler. Now this doesn’t directly translate to success in the octagon, but I think Rashad is underestimating Davis’ wrestling skill.

    This fight will more than likely go to decision.

    It’s a win-win…. either Evans loses to Phil Davis, and we can laugh at him… or Evans goes on to face Jon Bones… and we can finally put this feud to bed.

    • Lesnardo


      “Feud” is probably not a good word. “Massacre,” “ownage,” or “one-sided beating” is a better term.

  • ayahoo

    That was funny when machida knocked evan out. Evans leg gave out quicker than a two dollar whore.

    • Lesnardo

      Well, that explains why he wants none of Machida.

      Why isn’t he so desperate for a rematch?

      If he wants to be the best fighter in the world, should he be asking for that rematch before fighting Jon Jones?

    • fsunoles09

      yo this video on youtube had evans ko face and put it on a bunch of diffrent bodies and scenarios.it was hilarious bro yall should check that out

  • I agreed. It sounds as if Rashad is projecting his feelings onto Mr. Wonderful. It sounds as if that is the way Rashad has thought about previous fights. I think Rashad does have better boxing than Davis and perhaps his jiu jitsu is of a higher caliber, but I hope Davis shuts Evans for good!! Davis is coming off of an injury and that may hinder his chances of winning, but I hope he does win and see what Rashad will complain about next. Rashad = drama queen.

  • TKD

    Either way, we all win here. If Retard Evans loses we can be done with this a-hole! If he beats Davis we will get to see him get humiliated by Jones.

    It may take more time, but in the end we will see Retard Evans for the overhyped B-list fighter that he really is.

  • It’ll be interesting to see Rashad in there against a far more accomplished wrestler. I’d love to see Davis slap on another anaconda choke like he did to Gustafasson and put this big mouth’s lights out. That or his pattened hammerlock submission, either way I’ll be happy.