UFC on FOX 15 Results: Luke Rockhold Submits Lyoto Machida

April 18, 2015
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Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold earned an opportunity to potentially add a UFC belt to his trophy case on Saturday when he submitted second-ranked Lyoto Machida in the UFC on Fox 15 main event in New Jersey.

Rockhold pressured Machida from the sound of the opening bell inside the Prudential Center. He inched forward as Machida circled on the outside. Machida landed first and looked confortable in the early going.

During an exchange, Machida either slipped or was knocked down. Rockhold seized the opportunity to gain top position. He quickly applied a guillotine choke, but the Brazilian defended the submission attempt. Rockhold mounted Machida and delivered punches and elbows. Machida rolled, and Rockhold took his back. From there he battered the former light heavyweight titleholder with elbows.

Machida survived the round, but staggered his way back to his corner. In the second frame, Machida was on wobbly legs. His lateral movement was nonexistent. He was uncharacteristically stationary.

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Rockhold shoved Machida away while the two were on the inside, and Machida lost his footing and ended up on the ground. Rockhold gained top position and Machida gave up his back. Rockhold applied a rear-naked choke and Machida tapped out with little resistance.

“I landed a clean elbow to finish that first round. I knew I hurt him. I saw him kind of wobble up to his corner. I knew I had him from there. I saw his timing. I thought he’d be faster,” said Rockhold following the biggest win of his career.

With the win, Rockhold will fight the winner of the UFC 187 title fight between champion Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort.

“Did you hear my walkout song? I’m the best around. I did my part. Weidman, are you going to do your part,” he said. “Madison Square Garden. Let’s make history.”

“I’ve got confidence in myself. I know I can strike with the best guys in the world. I know where I’m at; I know what I can do,” added the top 185-pound contender.

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  • Austin, TX

    I have to admit I was extremely impressed with Rockhold. I didn’t think he would do so well against Machida. He dismantled him. Few people do that. I couldn’t get over how he dominated him on the ground. Maybe Jacare versus Machida next. Dana prob won’t go for that though. The Rockhold that showed up last night would dismantle Belfort as well. Not sure against Weidman, incredible fight though I think. You could tell the elbow at the end of the first round knocked off Machida’s equilibirum.

    • sheep2012

      It was hard to watch machida stumble to his corner and in the 2nd round after that hard elbow. Luke was losing the standup in the first round tho. He only did well when he managed to muscle his way in the clinch and on the ground. He is very huge for the weight class and it is deadly.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Rockhold had a ground game on Saturday that easily surpassed that of GSP and Hendricks. I don’t know if I’ve seen a more dominant ground performance against an elite BJJ blackbelt before.

  • KJK

    At this point the middleweight discussion really only includes 3 fighters…Weidman, Rockhold, and Jacare……the rest are just there to provide match ups in between these 3 fighting each other. Rockhold asserted himself and in my opinion answered all questions about whether he belongs or not…..Jacare just put an exclamation point on what was already known. I can’t wait for this joke fight with Vitor to get over so we can see some actual high caliber fights in this class.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Vitor getting a shot at the strap is a complete joke. Why not give Nick Diaz a shot at the strap while you’re at it?