UFC on FOX 14 Results: Anthony Johnson Shocks Sweden, Stops Alexander Gustafsson in First Round

January 24, 2015
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Anthony Johnson shocked Sweden and their hometown fighter, earning a first-round technical knockout of Alexander Gustafsson at UFC on FOX 14 in Stockholm early Sunday morning.

Johnson blasted Gustafsson with various punches en route to earning the stoppage at 2:15 of Round 1.

“Alex did everything that I thought he was gonna do. He’s an amazing athlete,” Johnson said during his post-fight interview. “I feel bad because he’s crying. I’m an emotional guy so I feel his pain.”

Johnson took the center of the Octagon in the early moments. Gustafsson circled and the two traded heavy blows before an inadvertent eye poke suffered by Johnson.

After the break in action, Johnson turned up the offense and swarmed in on Gustafsson. During a flurry, “Rumble” appeared to land a right hand that wobbled Gustafsson.

With his opponent against the fence, Johnson unleashed a barrage of punches and floored Gustafsson after landing several strikes. While controlling the back on the ground, Johnson landed a series of hammerfists before hitting his fallen foe with two vicious uppercuts. The referee stepped in to stop the bout thereafter.

With the win on Sunday, Johnson is now in position to fight light heavyweight champion Jon Jones this summer.

“Jon Jones, I hope you get well, brother,” he said. “Let’s get this championship fight on and make the crowd and the fans excited about this.”

A tentative date of July 11 will likely land the Jones-Johnson title fight in Las Vegas.

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  • tt

    Want to see gegard destroy johnson

    • deepgrim

      what are you talking about, gegard is fighting at middleweight now, rumble is definately fighting jones

    • real talk

      Gegard’s issues are with his chin. No way he gets past rumble.

  • jdjd

    Excited another striker with some serious power is making it to the top. The division hasn’t been this exciting since prime Chuck Lidell was knocking fools out…I still think Jones is going to be able to use that massive reach to take rumble down and submit him. He has the same reach as struve! And I believe he’s more elusive than Gus.

    • Sir_Roy

      Problem is Rumble has twice the demonstrable wrestling as Gus, and is definitely physically stronger than either Gus or, I daresay, even Jones IMHO.

      His whole package is a nightmare match-up for Jones. He’s Cormier but with better striking, speed and legitimate knock out power. Ground game won’t even come into play.

      I kept my mouth shut before. I wanted to see how Rumble did against Gus first, but I’m calling it. I see Anthony “Rumble” Johnson as the next champion.

      • mmafanguy

        Don’t know if he is a nightmare match up for Jones but certainly a dangerous opponent. The thing is that this fight did not show us how Johnson can fight in five round and I think his game plan was to try to finish Gus as quick as possible. I certainly don’t think he could have fought five round with this intensity. But maybe he will not need to fight five round. Anyways I just can’t wait to see that fight.

        • Sir_Roy

          Yeah … I was still hyped from him making short work of Gus when I typed the blurb. Fun to have a new opponent for Jones who looks like he has all the tools to take care of business. I was waiting to see how the Gus fight panned out and the way he just completely overpowered Gus, walked right through him and gave him no respect, has me jazzed for this one.

          But you’re right “nightmare” fight is being a bit disingenuous to Jones

    • Guest

      i guess you forgot about Glover Teixeira when he turned Maldonado’s face into hamburger meat, his submission choke of Kyle Kingsbury or when he came from behind and KO’ed Ryan Bader.

  • uncle

    Jones is sweating like a hooker in church

    • maxruehl

      Hard to tell–might be the detox. 😛

  • Sir_Roy

    Rumble is on a tear. Damn. I think he has the strength and knock out power to put on the kind of pressure to make Jones back pedal. Looking forward to this one.

  • Sarge

    Two Weeks Later: Coming off the biggest win of his career, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has been suspended indefinetly for nine months. His post fight drug test came back postive for Human Growth Hormone and his win over Alexander Gustafsson has been overturned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission making the bout a No Contest.

    • Sir_Roy

      Wait … wha …? You still think there are elite fighters who are not supplementing?

      Silly little man.

      • Sarge

        Did i say that? No, I don’t recall saying that one bit at all. Way to twist my words around.

        Silly Little Man.

  • shakejunt

    i think rumble deserves some p4p recognition because he’s pretty much the best example of what that would really mean.

    • Sarge

      He hasn’t done anything to be a p4p. Don’t get caught up in the hype!

      • shakejunt

        p4p is nonsense to begin with, but the only real world application of it would be when people actually shift weight classes. that’s why bj gets so much love, he wasn’t quite openweight era but he fought way higher than his natural weight.

        • Sarge

          BJ fought the best of the best in the world and the different weight divisions he jumped around in. But ultimately he also showed why he was such a good lightweight champion too.

          • shakejunt

            tanooki bj

          • Sarge


          • shakejunt

            you’ve never seem the “which bj penn will show up?” graph? google image that, it’s fantastic.

    • X-Man

      Are you freaking serious? You must be insane to believe he is even in a p4p conversation. Seriously, you are a tool!

      • shakejunt

        would that really make me a tool or are you just being immature?