UFC on FOX 13 Results: Junior dos Santos Tops Stipe Miocic in Main Event

December 13, 2014
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Junior dos Santos engaged in a bloody war on his way to a unanimous decision over Stipe Miocic at UFC on FOX 13 on Saturday in Phoenix.

The main event featured a striking battle between two of the world’s top heavyweights, and the decision was left in the judges’ hands with scores of 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46.

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Miocic pressured JDS in the opening round. He moved forward with combinations, catching dos Santos a number of times when the two would separate from clinches. Towards the end of the first, dos Santos landed a flurry of his own to keep up the striking pace.

Miocic found more opportunities to land damaging shots in the second round. Towards the end of the period he secured a takedown and worked punches while dos Santos defended from his back.

Dos Santos landed his first significant shot on the fight in the third, placing a counter-left hook to the chin that dropped Miocic. Until the round’s time expired, Miocic looked dazed and exhausted, opening up a chance for dos Santos to control the fight on the feet.

Miocic rebounded for a larger portion of the fourth round, keeping dos Santos on his heels and eating combinations as he was backpedaling. Dos Santos, however, scored a takedown late, but only before Miocic was able to work back to the feet.

The final round showed both fighters were visibly worn, but it was Miocic who looked up at the clock a number of times, signaling his exhaustion. Dos Santos opened up the round far more active than his foe, but Miocic turned it on towards the end and battered the former heavyweight champion with combinations before time expired.

With the decision win in Phoenix, dos Santos looks to get back in the title hunt after losing his previous match to champion Cain Velasquez 14 months ago. However, he will likely need to go through interim heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum — whom dos Santos knocked out in 2008 — in order to get back to title contention.

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  • Horus

    Unanimous decision? God, these judges are so awful! That was 49/48 NOT 49//46!!

    • MikeMcK83

      Wait, do you think the judges would be better if there were a split decision?

    • MikeMcK83

      By the way, 49/48 would not be an acceptable score. Kind of hard for one guy to win 4 rounds and the other to win 3 in a 5 round fight.

      I’m going to guess you meant 48/47. Which I think one judge gave them.

    • Mmafanpeacebro

      what are talking about??? 49/48? that make no sense…

  • Jason Priest

    Once again, Junior shows you his ability to eat shots. I did have him winning tho. He had the only knockdown and landed the better combos.

  • Georgebradshaw

    Woooo! Mabe I underestimate Miocic but I was really dispointed by JDS performance. To me he look really bad when he run from punch and he really have to improve his game.

    • shakejunt

      absolutely. stipe might’ve had his gus moment last night and i’m not tryin to take anything away form him, but jds just looked off and slow.

      • taylor2008

        JDS looked off and slow because Stipe was matching him strike for strike. Nobody has done that.

        • shakejunt

          idk man. i felt junior looked labored even in the first round. his “crisp” boxing seems to have leaked out his ears in the wars against cain. stipe brought the fight to him for sure, and that’s why i said he had his gus moment, but junior also looked nothing like the guy we knew pre-brain damage.

          • taylor2008

            He looked like that because Stipe neutralized his stand up with his good stand up. If JDS had fought a middle of the road stand up fighter that had good jits he would have been all over the guy. Stipe was jsut as good so JDS didnt look as good as he usually does.

          • shakejunt

            not trying to discredit miocic, because he had a breakout performance, but that was not the same guy that caught cain and mark hunt.

          • taylor 2009

            I agree. JDS looked out of form. Ring Rust? MMA mileage from the Cain fight? We won’t know until his next fight. If he looks the same in the next fight, I would sort of write him off as top 2 HW.

            As for Stipe, he had a great game plan going in. Didn’t really shock me because I knew he was a great fighter even before the fight.

            Miosic vs Browne!!!!
            Overeem vs JDS!!!!


          • MMAfanguy

            Overrem vs Jds mak no sense Overeem is not in the top ten anymore he need to climb his way to the top to fight Jds but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

          • shakejunt

            thing is they’re both pretty far removed from a title shot right now and it’s a fight people have wanted to see since it got scratched. being #2 in a division means normal matchmaking doesn’t always apply to you.

    • Lucas Freire

      I think people already noticed that JdS isn’t any Chuck Lidell when backpedalling. If he’s not moving forward he’s losing. This fight was close. Another fight against Cain would be a massacre.

  • MMAfanguy

    Jds is good but he dosen’t look to impove. He will not win the belt back if he stay the same fighter. He must improve his cardio and his skills…

    • Lucas Freire

      Sadly, it’s not like it is his choice “not to improve”, this is his style, that’s what built his career. I guess all he has now is to hope for a good day and a huge KO against Cain. Because otherwise he’ll probably be outclassed in every aspect of the game.

      • MMAfanguy

        I think it is a choice to evolve and improve. Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy at all but it is possible and everyone that want to be at the top must never stop to evolve and improve. And he is still young… But I think his last fight with Cain really hurt him mentally. Him sure he can do better if he work hard, maybe change his training team etc.

  • Austin, TX

    Stipe won that fight. He won rounds 1 and 2 handily. You could given any of the last 2 rounds as well. Round 5 example. Decision was bogus. Stipe backed him up the entire fight. I mean he ran out of gas a little or it would have been worse for JDS. Stipe edged him. Unanimous decision for JDS was ridiculous.

  • taylor2008

    Stipe won! He easily took 3 of the 5. He was robbed! It was a great close fight but JD didnt win.