UFC on FOX 12 Weigh-in Results: Matt Brown Misses Weight (Updated)

July 25, 2014
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03-Robbie-Lawler-Matt-Brown-UFC-on-FOX-12-wThe UFC returns to “Big FOX” on Saturday with UFC on FOX 12: Lawler vs. Brown from San Jose, Calif.

The main event pits Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown with the winner earning a crack at UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks.

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02-Robbie-Lawler-UFC-on-FOX-12-wLawler is coming off of a narrow miss against Hendricks just two fights ago, but bounced back recently against Jake Ellenberger. He now needs a win over Brown, who has been rocketing up the division, to secure another shot at the title.

Brown has won seven consecutive bouts to put himself in this position. Lawler will definitely be his toughest test to date, particularly because the two fighters are practically mirror images of each other. A win over Lawler is Brown’s final step towards a coveted shot at the UFC championship belt.

06-Anthony-Johnson-Rogerio-Nogueira-UFC-on-FOX-12-wThe co-main event features the return of Antonio Rogerio Nogueira from injury. He has no easy task, as he faces a red-hot Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, who recently made his own return to the Octagon.

Brown missed weight by 1.5 pounds.

Typically, Brown would have been given two hours to see if he could make weight, but UFC president Dana White told reporter Ariel Helwani on the UFC on FOX Weigh-in Show on FOX Sports 1 that the California commission would not allow Brown to cut any additional weight.

White also said that the weight cutting issue would not affect whether or not the fight would be for the No. 1 contender’s spot for Brown. He will not be fined by the commission or the UFC, and he will still be eligible for bonuses and the No. 1 contendership.

UFC on FOX 12 Weigh-in Results

Main Card (on FOX)
Robbie Lawler (171) vs. Matt Brown (172.5)
Anthony Johnson (204.5) vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (205.5)
Clay Guida (145) vs. Dennis Bermudez (146)
Josh Thomson (155) vs. Bobby Green (155.5)

12-Josh-Thomson-Bobby-Green-UFC-on-FOX-12-wPreliminary Card (on FOX)
Daron Cruickshank (155.5) vs. Jorge Masvidal (155.5)
Kyle Kingsbury (204.5) vs. Patrick Cummins (206)
Hernani Perpetuo (171) vs. Tim Means (170.5)
Mike De La Torre (146) vs. Brian Ortega (145.5)

Preliminary Card (on UFC Fight Pass)
Akbarh Arreola (155.5) vs. Tiago dos Santos (155)
Andreas Stahl (171) vs. Gilbert Burns (170)
Juliana Lima (117) vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk (115)
Steven Siler (146) vs. Noad Lahat (145)

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  • Ian Price

    Surprised about Matt missing weight. But then again, it’s only 1.5 lbs. that ain’t no rumble!!

    • julian moran

      1.5 pounds is a lot. It will turn into 2.5 pounds of muscles once Brown re-hydrates.

      • System

        So they cut muscle, and not water? Interesting

        • julian moran


    • uncle

      I was more surprised Rumble made weight lol

  • TheCerealKiller

    He’ll give his 20% purse vs cutting more.

    • BigMike

      I thought the purse was standard no matter what for missing weight, whether or not he was given the chance to cut more

      • TheCerealKiller

        I guess the update says it doesn’t matter.

        • Seth

          But isn’t there in the article that he won’t be fined by the UFC? o:

          That…wouldn’t be fair then – I mean, commision didn’t allow him cut that weight, so taking his money away from him for something he CAN NOT do, due to commision decision…that doesn’t sound fair to me… :/

          • TheCerealKiller

            But he missed weight and they deem it not safe to cut anymore.

            “White also said that the weight cutting issue would not affect whether or not the fight would be for the No. 1 contender’s spot for Brown. He will not be fined by the commission or the UFC, and he will still be eligible for bonuses and the No. 1 contendership.”

            Now what happens to the next guy to miss weight by 1.5 pounds?

          • Seth

            Idk…it’s tricky for sure :/ But it’s not same as Lineker missing weight and then saying he won’t try to cut it, right? :/ Messed up case…

  • Vinnie Guarniere III

    Fair and objective. How many times have guys had to re-weigh within a couple hours 1 to 2 times to make weight? Many..it happens and that’s the norm, but the commission blew it this time.

  • ac

    California commission would not allow Brown to cut any additional weight. 0.o Was there a good reason for this or did the commission just send a rookie to oversee the weigh-in?

    • Seth

      Maybe some medical reasons? Or maybe they are testing some new rules? Or changed the weight thing? Remember, for example in Canada if you are 171.5 – they will say you are 171. I doubt it’s SAME case here, but maybe they put that allowed overweight limit from 1lb to 2lbs? I don’t know for sure :/

      But I’m pretty sure we will know it soon. Someone will get to digging and find out why they didn’t allow him to cut that weight. And tbh – I’m really curious why

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Good this card is stacked and much better then the recent PPV this is one fight i wanna see both are amazing fighters.

  • BigMike

    IMO because he missed weight, he should have SOME kind of reprimand, whether it means he does not getthe title shot if he wins, or the standard perecentage of purse going to opponent….. Something should be done so everyone knows there is a penalty for missing weight….. However, if this is Matt’;s first time ever missing weight, they might go easier, unlike Rumble who has lost jobs with 2 different promotions for missing weight, and everytime he steps on the scale, even as a LHW, I still wonder if he will make weight…. and I would prob guarun-damn-tee that the FIRST time RUmble misses weight, his ass will be gone for good

    • drkdisciple

      Good point but just keep in mind Brown was not given the standard 2 hours to cut the extra 1.5 pounds. Given so there is a good possibility he would done so.

      • Maddawgmar

        I wonder why they didn’t give him that extra time?

  • TheCerealKiller

    “White also said that the weight cutting issue would not affect whether or not the fight would be for the No. 1 contender’s spot for Brown. He will not be fined by the commission or the UFC, and he will still be eligible for bonuses and the No. 1 contendership.”

    WOW, Dana is now the God of the NAC… or is this another poorly written article?

    • Every article on this site was written by monkeys with cerebral palsy. I just browse the headlines and then click X on my browser. Typically, those are spelled correctly. Typically…

      • dgs

        Pretty rude. You know, this is not some major news outlet like Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc., where they can afford to pay their journalists far more money I’m sure. I bet most of the journalists for this site are paid peanuts and do it for their love of the sport, and to try and get MMA news out as quickly as possible.

        Do the writers make grammar/spelling errors occasionally, sure, are some of the articles superfluous, yes to that too. But to call everyone who writes articles for this site a “monkey” is flat out rude, and untrue. For the most part this is my go-to site for MMA news, and I imagine it’s the same for other readers, I would certainly miss it if it wasn’t around.

        Maybe, you should submit MMA related news articles to the site so we all can critique your amazing linguistic skills.

        • I’m sorry–where does their pay equate to their ability to read and write? So what you’re insinuating is that if they were paid more, they would try harder and be more competent and not be as lazy when it comes to proofreading and using spell check? What happens in school when you perform poorly on a paper? You get judged critically. Because there is now some exchange involved with money for their services, that pride in their work becomes disconnected? Your logic is embarrassing…just stop.

          What’s rude is dismissing the truth simply because something brings you a minute amount of joy and you aren’t able to properly use Google to find better sites. What’s rude is not taking the time to double-check your work for the loyal people reading it and half-assing your job because you aren’t happy with the rewards it brings. What’s rude is assuming that writers at other news outlets, who are paid freelance wages, make “far more money” and asserting your uneducated opinions as facts. What’s rude is thinking your opinion is in some way more accurate because this is your “go-to site”, and believing that it entitles you to blindly defend them against others who bring up valid points about their shoddy and lackadaisical writing.

          Hopefully that helps you grasp my linguistic skills. Use a thesaurus for an alternative to “superfluous” and try again.

  • julian moran

    “the two fighters are practically mirror images of each other”, Huu? no! Lawler is way more technical on the feet, has more power and better take down defense. Easy win for Lawler.

    • dgs

      I believe Lawler will win the fight, but I would be surprised if it was an “easy” win. Brown is tough as nails (yes, I know it’s a very overused cliche to refer to someone as “tough as nails,” but it fits in this context), and I don’t see this being an easy win for Lawler, not in the least. I really like both of these fighters, so it will be a bit sad to see either man lose for me.

      I guess we’ll find out soon.

    • uncle

      I would agree if you were talking about Matt 3 years ago. Lawler is dangerous Brown still can
      weather the storm, and comeback he is tenacious with heart. So don’t be surprised if
      their is a upset. When the underdog finally makes
      it to the top.

  • Timothy Malone

    Upset pick is Lahat over Siler