UFC on FOX 12 Results: Robbie Lawler Goes Distance With Matt Brown for Unanimous Decision

July 26, 2014
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14-Robbie-Lawler-7342-UFC-157-weigh-478x270Robbie Lawler outlasted the toughness of Matt Brown, earning a unanimous decision on Saturday at UFC on FOX 12 in San Jose.

The 25-minute featured bout of the evening ended with Lawler getting the judges’ nod with scores of 49-46, 49-46 and 48-47.

“There’s two champions in this ring tonight,” Lawler said, addressing the tough fight Brown gave him at the SAP Center.

Lawler struck first with a combination of punches, later countering each time Brown stepped forward with a strike. Brown then found his mark, wobbling Lawler with a combination, which led to a clinch against the cage. Lawler broke free and unloaded a flurry of punches to highlight the end of the first round.

The two fought more relaxed in the second round before Brown shot in for a takedown, briefly getting Lawler to the ground. Unable to keep Lawler on the canvas, Brown came back to the feet, but landed a combination that sent Lawler backpedaling.

The third round started with Brown almost immediately shooting in for a takedown. Lawler kept the fight from fully going to the ground and landed strikes in the clinch, later separating and landing a hard kick to Brown’s body. After a brief pause for a low blow, Lawler turned it up and began landing shots at higher accuracy.

Lawler opened up the fourth round with a knockdown of Brown, pursing to the floor and working from top position. Brown ate a number of strikes while trying to get back to his feet, and once there suffered another shot in the form of an uppercut from Lawler.

Brown entered the final round with a high volume of punches, as Lawler attempted bob his head out of the way. Both fighters began to throw a greater amount of punches, furiously trading shots through the end of the five-minute frame.

With the win in San Jose, Lawler improves his record to 24-10 with 1 no-contest, and puts himself in place for a rematch for the UFC welterweight title with current champion Johny Hendricks.

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  • Guest

    Lost respect to Brown, I liked the guy too. He pulled a Koscheck and that imo is a cowards move. Fight would have ended there. Also I dont understand why Lawler did Not throw more body kicks when he knew Brown was clearly injured. Low fight IQ or Ego

    • Trevor

      Your an idiot! Brown deserves big respect and just went toe to toe with the best at 170! And lawler low I Q fight? Just go back to world of Warcraft you sewer rat!

      • Guest

        “Low fight IQ *or* Ego” did you notice “or” and “ego”?

        Did Brown NOT fake getting hit low? Thats your definition of respect? Faking injury to get saved? Matt Brown is a COWARD and CHEAT.

        • El Gvapo

          I don’t think it’s a cowards act. You obey the referee’s commands at all times, the ref slept in to halt the fight. What’s Brown going to do? Say no it’s ok and beckon Lawler on to him? It was simply a bit of good fortune for Brown, it happens in all sports.

          • Guest

            No, No, Absolutely not what happened, you are making an excuse. Clear as day Rd 3 2:06 not even debatable, watch the replay. Brown was stuck with clean body kick. He then grabbed his crotch/cup, winced in pain and gave that “you kicked me in the balls look” thus prompting Big John to step in. Like I said, I like the guy before but I just cant get past what he did. I know fans and trolls have no sense or care about honor but to me, its one of the most important things I live by. Faking a low blow is something that I just cant let slide. Its despicable imo, maybe it is ok to you and I know the majority of mma fans dont even care but that just how I feel. Sorry if you disagree but Matt Brown did in FACT, FAKED getting hit low.

      • George Sperry

        “Your an idiot” is the most ironic sentence in the English language.
        F’ing cracks me up every time I read it.

    • George Sperry

      Well…. a couple of points. One it is very hard to tell on video exactly what happened. It is easier on film but still hard. If Lawlers toes hit the cup before the body it could hurt like hell. Two when contact is made with the cup there is often a sound made and JM may have heard the connection.
      To sit in judgement and call someone a coward based on that evidence is a very cowardly thing to do. I guarantee you that you wouldn’t call Brown a coward to his face keyboard warrior that you are.

      • Guest

        “*If Lawlers toes hit ” “To sit in judgement and call someone” “keyboard warrior that you are.” lol..
        I always find it ironic how someone can make a statement with so much conviction while using the word “IF”

        Rd 3, 2:06 slow mo replay, there is no “IF” it happened, 100% top of foot clearly struck well above the cup area. OK, your turn.. where is your proof or are we still speculating and name calling? Play the ol’ grammar nazi? hmm..?

        • George Sperry

          Well you are clearly not bright enough to have a discussion with so….

          • Guest

            Exactly.. just what I thought

  • dandogood

    Matt Brown is one tough kid. It was a great fight between two very good fighters. Nick Diaz beats both though.

  • Baller31

    Amazing fight by both guys! I’d like to see Matt brown vs nick Diaz next