UFC on FOX 12 Results: Anthony Johnson Serves Notice, Rumbles Nogueira with First-Round KO

July 26, 2014
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Anthony JohnsonAnthony “Rumble” Johnson is back in the Octagon, and the Rumble is for real.

Johnson proved that much with his immediate destruction of Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC on FOX 12 at the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif., on Saturday night.

After several years of torturing himself in trying to get down as low as welterweight, Johnson has since come to his senses and become a force at light heavyweight.

He lost to Vitor Belfort at UFC 142 in early 2012, was ousted from the promotion for missing weight on too many occasions, and then reinvented himself at 205 pounds. It has been a highly successful move for Johnson, who has revived a once promising career.

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He added to the revival on Saturday night by taking Nogueira, one of the most highly regarded light heavyweights in the UFC, in just 44 seconds.

Johnson took a few moments to acclimate himself, then rocked Nogueira with the first punch of the fight. He didn’t stop, realizing that he’d tagged the veteran, and followed up with a brutal series of punches that included several uppercuts.

“I just kept thinking, I gotta hurt this guy really bad or put him away because he’s a Nogueira and they don’t stop,” said Johnson after the fight.

But like several other fighters before him, Nogueira couldn’t handle the power that Johnson unleashed. He had no choice but to stop, as he crumpled to the mat under the fury of Johnson’s fists.

It was a scary dismantling of one of the top 205-pound fighters in the world, framing Johnson as one of the most intimidating fighters in the division.

“Hopefully, I keep putting fear in everybody’s heart,” Johnson said after the fifth knockout in his last eight bouts.

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  • Trevor

    Love this guy! Total Beast @205! Look out Jones cause Rumble is now in the jungle.

  • Jay Johnson

    This guy sounds sounds and looks like the total package….he sure put on a show in this fight..lets see if he can keep it up…

  • David Huenecke

    Fight in the right weight class and these are the results. Good to see him get his act together and start picking up legit wins.

    • Seth

      Davis fight was legit, showing what Rumble is capable of. Johnson may be a force to be reckon with now in the UFC.

      But this fight…well, he won, of course. But was that legit…? I would rather say it was night off for him…could you pick easier fight for anybody at 205 than Lil Nog?

      • Lucas Freire

        Well…he did beat Rashad…In a boring decision fight. He, Shogun,Big Nog and I’d even say Hendo are just semi-retired fighters who serves as stepping stone for prospects as somehow they never leave the top10.

        • Seth

          Yup, exactly. That’s why I said that was night off for Rumble. Easiest paycheck possible for him a 205 in the UFC. And Neither Shogun, Big Nog, Lil Nog or Hendo are top 10…they weren’t in Top 10 for quite a while…Ok, maybe Big Nog was for a brief moment – but that’s because HW division is sooooooooooooo bad.

          • Lucas Freire

            Actually, Shogun and Hendo are still on the top10 according to the UFC. They never left. I’m pretty sure.

          • Seth

            …Keep on belivin in UFC ranks and you will buy the story that Lil Nog is one of the best LHW on the planet…UFC rankings are worthless and they mean absolutely nothing.

          • Lucas Freire

            I don’t believe in it, I see its flaws and I understand that there are other rankings that offer a better view at the divisions. BUT, the UFC ranks are the only ones used to define title shots/main contenders/top10 guys so…

          • Seth

            But only because Hendo or Shogun are in top 10 in UFC, means they actually mean something…anyone actually believe Hendo or Shogun are top 10 fighters in their w/c today?

  • dandogood

    That 60 year old man was a disgreace that got KO’d. Nog looke like a dried out shriveled tea bag left out in the sun for a month. maybe the guy is 70 years old?

  • Seth

    Highly…what? Only person that’s high in this article is author. Come on, it’s 2014, not 2004 – when Lil Nog was somehow legit or relevant. Now he proudly joined his brother on the “I-will-take-a-beating-for-proper-money” list. Grinding what’s left of their name…

  • ZJR

    Rumble should fight Jones instead of “Fat Boy” Cormier who has done abcolutely nothing to deserve his title shot.