UFC on FOX 12 Free Fight: Matt Brown Topples Erick Silva En Route to No. 1 Contender Bout

July 21, 2014
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Matt Brown can finally get his shot at the UFC welterweight championship, if he can clear a high hurdle… Robbie Lawler on Saturday at UFC on FOX 12.

Brown, however, is used to facing such difficult obstacles en route to his current seven-fight winning streak. Check out the way he battled Erick Silva a little over two months ago to get to where he is now.

(Video courtesy of UFC)

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  • Merica #1

    C’mon Robbie Lawler, Matt Brown and Rory Mac are not champion material, you are, you deserve the rematch, the title…

  • George Sperry

    I like Brown but I am sure Lawlers camp didn’t miss the damage Silva did to Browns body. Lawler really has power too.

    • texasbeast

      Jordan Mein also put him down with a body shot and Amir Sadollah. the body is his weakness. Robbie Lawler put away scott Smith with a body shot.

  • savant

    B level, drug free American beats A level, steroid Brazilian.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Silva took too many shots in that fight. Brown was smart to remain standing in the 3rd after having his sub attempts stymied in the 2nd. I don’t this he could have subbed Silva.

  • TheCerealKiller

    My brain tells me that Robbie is going to smash him. My heart is yelling War Brown!

  • Dragon Kid

    This weekend is where Matt Brown’s win streak gets snapped!

  • MPA2000

    It’s not a FREE fight. It is cable and cable is nowhere near free. Only MMA idiots continue to call anything not on PPV, but still on cable as free.