UFC on FOX 11 Results: Miesha Tate Grabs Unanimous Decision Over Liz Carmouche

April 19, 2014
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Miesha TateMiesha Tate scored a unanimous-decision win over Liz Carmouche in the co-main event at UFC on FOX 11 in Orlando, Fla. on Saturday evening.

Although it appeared Carmouche might have gotten the better of her in the first two rounds, all three judges saw it in Tate’s favor with scores of 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28.

Carmouche scored the first takedown of the fight, putting Tate on the ground against the cage. She held Tate down for a lengthy period of time before defending a kimura attempt. Once they returned to the feet, Carmouche secured another takedown and worked from half guard until the round’s time expired.

Tate found success in throwing punches in the second round, but Carmouche continued to secure more takedowns as the fight went on. A guillotine attempt later in the round was Tate’s first bright spot, but Carmouche defended it and made it on through to the frame.

Tate came out aggressive in the third round, securing a takedown after pushing forward with punches. She remained in top position, landing strikes and worked relentlessly towards a rear-naked choke. Time for the fight expired just after Carmouche hipped out of danger and defended a standing Tate with up kicks.

With the win, Tate secured her first UFC win and improved her overall record to 14-5.

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  • Bogo

    I’ll continue to say it, if you land takedowns, but do absolutely nothing with them, you don’t deserve the win. I wish the fight would have been better, Tate wasn’t aggressive enough, and Carmouche continues to disappoint with her limited arsenal and stalling techniques. She’s starting to mirror Julie Kedzie.

    • Seth

      Tate was nicknamed “Takedown” before, right? She is by far the most overrated female fighter in the UFC.

      • Bogo

        I wouldn’t say the most. She’s tough, if you can’t count on her to win, which you can’t, you can count on her to take a beating through the whole fight and keep going. I used to call her Miesha “Don’t Know When to Quit” Tate. I personally feel like the most overrated girl is Cat Zingano. Most people will take my head off for saying it, but a last minute very controversial tko win over one bantamweight girl who’s “overrated” and pretty small compared to many in the division is not convincing enough for a title shot.

        • Seth

          Don’t know when to quit? SHe pretty much quit against Rousey in second fight. That fight edning-armbar? It was easy to escape, Rousey’s leg was under Tate’s head, not over it, so it wasn’t even locked in – and she tapped asap. So it pretty much opposite – chick is a quitter

          • Bogo

            I said USED to.