UFC on FOX 10 Benson Henderson vs. Josh Thomson Scorecard: Did the Judges Get It Right?

January 26, 2014
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Henderson vs. Thomson Scorecard

Saturday night’s UFC on FOX 10 five-round main event was an intense battle between two former champions, Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson.

They were toe to toe the entire time, but at the end of the fight, when the judges scored it a split decision 47-48, 48-47, 49-46 in favor of Henderson. The crowd at the United Center in Chicago jeered, and so did fans across the Twittersphere and Facebook.

We posted the scorecard above so you could have a look for yourself and decide: did the judges get it right or did they get it wrong?

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  • James B. McDaniel


  • Guest

    Thomson was robbed. This is truly a shame if it causes Thomson (the best lightweight in the world) to retire.

  • Panama Rosado

    I’m sick of these bad judges! And I’m tired of Benson Henderson squeaking out decisions that he really didn’t win, especially over former Strikeforce champions. It’s BS. He’s the UFC’s baby boy

    • deepgrim

      i thought the decision was good, suprised it was split tho, i think people are pissed cause he got 3 decisions in his favour that he shouldnt have.

  • Truth

    Lol, anyone thinking Thomson actually won that fight doesnt know MMA. Benson out pointed Thomson, period. Rather clear cut, even any compustrike or statistical count will back it up AND Bendo was the clear aggressor.

    I thought the bad decision was that it was split rather than unanimous.

    • bajafox

      So you’re saying Dan Henderson, who immediately posted Josh won rounds 1, 2, and 4 after the fight doesn’t know MMA?

      Wanna remind us why you get to decide who knows MMA and who doesn’t?

      • Adam

        I don’t care either way cause neither one of them could beat Pettis fighting like they did last night. Put Gil an Pettis together be a better fight

    • jdwilli09

      Compustrike or whatever statistical striking counter you use will be counting the calf kicks and thigh punches etc won’t really be compelling evidence. It’d have to be completely overwhelming to overcome the other advantages Thomson had. If Benson did what Thomson did, things were exactly flipped and he had a clear ground/grappling edge no doubt you’d argue Benson won.

    • Dave

      I guess 90% doesn’t know Mma because very few agree w u

    • sdelfin

      Except that fightmetric, a statistical count, had it for Thompson via the 10-point must system. And as others have said, pro fighters also disagree, so, people who think Josh won DO know MMA. People who thought Bendo won say Josh didn’t do anything with his superior grappling in the fight. I can just as easily say that Bendo didn’t do anything with his striking advantage since Josh was never in trouble either.

  • candelario

    damn, Thomson looked good even with a hand injury
    R1, R2, and R4 for Thomson
    can’t see how you couldn’t give R1 and R2 for Thomson, especially considering R1 and R2 were identical

    • Matt

      I had it rounds 2, 3, and 5 for Benson. Rounds 1 and 2 were not identical, Josh took him down and got the back triangle for about thirty seconds before Henderson got back to his feet where he controlled and outstruck Thomson for the round.

      • solo

        thats exactly how i saw it also. I watched round 2 couple of times and Josh only had that 30 seconds domination, other 4 and a half we’re all Bensons imo.
        I heard Sal D’amato is a huge Benson fan, so thats not a suprise he gave him 49-46, which is insane imo.

  • Collideoverme

    Had Rd’s 1,2,and 4 for Thompson also. Sorry to those who don’t agree. Thompson won that fight.

  • horace

    Thought Josh won the fight outright.

    • dick trickle

      I thought Thompson looked way to skinny in that fight ! Maybe the weight cut and injured Hand was just too much to come

  • Yves Hairston

    Oh well, Thomson was stronger Henderson was smarter judges a awarded intelligence for the fight it happens

  • drkdisciple

    Regardless of who won the fight after performances like that neither guy deserves a title shot! I think a fighter like Gilbert Melendez deserves consideration for title shot.

  • gnodeb

    No reason to be anger about scorecards after every event. You can finish the fight or you can dominate it. But if you do neither, you should accept scorecards… Also, scorecards have nothing to do with fighters… hating some fighters because they got lucky is ridiculous…

    • solo

      … i agree 100% with everything you point out there.

  • solo

    Instead of great fights, again we’re talking about the judges.
    Damn, when is it going to change?!

    • keith

      It will never change because it has a human element to the judging process. UFC isn’t the only sport where judges and officials influence the way things play out based on personal feelings. That is the truth, just look at the NFL, NBA; the officials look the other way. Someone needs to figure out a way not to have human interaction in the decisions; add another round until someone loses or have known classy MMA fighters (Retired) who don’t have a motive.

  • keith

    Let Rousey decide with an arm-bar and whoever last longer of the 2-opponents WINS 🙂 What about expanding the criteria instead of 5 categories to actually what is important I the ring.

  • richard duncan

    I think ben did win. and the reason I think this is, the few times he did take ben down I think one time in the first round did he threaten ben with a sub, after that all the times he took him down he held him and did nothing to threaten him. the couple of times ben took him down he immediately attempted to land elbows. In the stand up, they both landed kicks but ben landed more and the more effective kicks. and he landed more punches than the punk.it was boring but none the less ben won the fight.

  • sdelfin

    Fights like this remind me why I miss the old Pride rules. I have never liked the 10-point must system.

  • Thomson had Bendo backmounted for a considerable amount of time in 3 of the first 4 rounds. How can you not give all of those 10-9 in favor of ‘The Punk’?

    • taylor2008

      I agree.

  • Benson Henderson won that fight. Josh Thompson definitely did not do enough to get the nod.

    • taylor2008

      3 out of the first 4 rounds Josh was all over Thomsons back. Ben didnt do a whole lot but keep defending hiimself. Josh won that fight.

      • Josh Thompson did little in that fight. It wasn’t even close.

        Your theory that because Josh jumped on his own back and couldn’t even choke himself out falls flat.

        • taylor2008

          You can flap your gums all you want. Josh almost had him in submissions multiple times. How many times did Ben have Josh in trouble? Once? Maybe never? Josh took 3 of 5 rounds. He won that fight.

          • Your contention that Thompson won was as accurate as your above comment that Josh jumped on his own back for three rounds.

            Thompson lost. Henderson won.

          • taylor2008

            Of course a insecure loser like you would point out a mistake I made. People like you usually do that to hide their insecurities.
            Dana White was even hinting around that Ben lost. JOSH was all over BENs back for 3 out of the 1st 4 rounds.
            Of course Ben won. The judges gave him the fight just like they gave GSP a win over Hendricks when Hendricks obviously took it to GSP. Or how about one of the best ones. When the judges gave Bisping the fight over Matt Hamill when Hamill obviously won the first 2 rounds.
            Yes the judges gave the fight to Ben but thats bad judging.

          • I understand you disagree with my opinion. I accept that.

  • taylor2008

    Thomson won.